Quote: Sean Avery Controls NYC Clubs, Won’t Let P.A. Parenteau In

“P.A. skated by the bench and basically mocked us,” Avery, who created the winner on the next shift, told The Post. “It was the wrong move for a guy like that.

“He’s never going to get himself into a club in the city after I send out e-mails.”

Avery to Larry Brooks in the Post

…So the moral of the story is, don’t piss off Sean Avery or he will restrict your access. I have this great vision of Parenteau waiting on-line at a club and the bouncers taking him away saying, “Mr. Avery says NO.”

I would guess that Parenteau was jawing last night because he is upset that the Rangers cut him loose. Supposedly this was his best game in weeks, and unless it was because of the six days off, it was because he was playing his old team and old coach who liked to question his foot speed. We will see what, if anything, happens to him tonight