Quote: John Tortorella On The Organization As A Whole

I love our jam, I love our balls. I really like what we have here. I don’t think it will be the same. There is always changes. What our group has developed with their identity and our mindset showed tonight. We don’t get it done, but I just like how we handled ourselves.

We play 20 playoff games, a few game sevens. We have been in situations where we have had to scramble to win series. I thought there were some good things and some struggles. We are still a young club and still have quite a bit to learn with the desperation in our third.

We still have to find a way to win another round and get there. I don’t want this organization to sit still because the prior was barely getting into the playoffs. We have to learn that there is still a lot of hockey to play. We have to change our mindset to continue to be the best. You can’t be tired here and I don’t think we were.