Quote: Brian Boyle On Ryan Callahan, The Team and Steven McDonald

It’s been an honor to wear this jersey for three years. When Steve McDonald comes out–Cally is obviously the most deserving of that hands down. He is our leader, he leads the way and that is the way we all want to play; behind him. He makes us better players. I mean how blessed are we to be able to do it here in this city. For a man like that, with all that he has gone through, to be proud of us, it’s humbling. It’s a hard feeling to describe, you get goose bumps. I am sure that Cally is really honored, he deserves it. We all try and follow suit and stand in line and play that way. Its a pretty selfless team and it’s a lot of fun to be part of. The guys in this room, the fans, the city we are in, it’s pretty surreal sometimes. I gotta pinch myself. We are fortunate to be here.

Brian Boyle on the MSG Post Game Show



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