Practice: Gaborik Potentially Hurt? (Update: Only A Laceration)

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Update:12:52:PM: The NY Post gets in on the fun of reporting on Gaborik’s laceration.

Update:12:45:PM Zipay says that it was his right knee, that no stitches were necessary and that a visit to the hospital was not needed.

Update:12:35PM: According to Jim Cerny, Steve Zipay and Andrew Gross at practice, assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld says that Gaborik suffered a laceration on his knee after his knee collided with Lundqvist’s skate.

Schoenfeld says that he doesn’t believe it is anything more than a laceration.

Gross quotes Schoenfeld saying that its too early to say whether or not he will be available tomorrow against Nashville

…Okay, that isn’t that bad. Its not good, but its not as bad as people thought at first.

Update:12:20PM: Zipay says that Gaborik won’t be speaking to the media today.

Original Post:12:05PM: According to Andrew Gross, at Ranger Rants, Marian Gaborik skated “gingerly” off the ice at Rangers practice today favoring his right leg.

Gaborik was doing a one on one drill with Henrik Lundqvist and Hank came out to poke the puck away, Gaborik tried to jump over him when Lundqvist’s skate hit Gaborik’s knee. Gaborik then slid face first into the corner.

…Ummm, not good. Just not.

Steve Zipay says that Gaborik is still in the Rangers training room.

…Only one bright spot is that the Olympic break is coming up, it would stink if he couldn’t play for Slovakia, but the Rangers and the push for the playoffs is what is important here.