Update: Rangers Photoshop Avery Banner Out Of FanCam

On Thursday night at the home opener, the New York Rangers invited FanCam to the game to take a picture of the crowd. Also during that game, a season ticket holder hung a banner over the railing of the 400s level that said, “16 AVERY Send Torts to the Whale.”

At the game on Thursday, the Rangers announced that the photo would be available the next day. Friday came and went and the photo never showed up. It was actually not available until the following Monday. I hadn’t had an opportunity to look at it until today but to my surprise, FanCam just so happend to snap a picture of that specific section of the 400s while the banner was being unfurled.

But what’s this? The Rangers have done their best to photoshopped the banner out of the picture!

Now this could be them not wanting any pro Avery propaganda appearing on their website or they could be photoshopping all banners and fan signs out of the image. I haven’t seen any other fan signs in the crowd to compare so I’ll let you guys decide. If you’d like to take a look at the image or tag yourself in it, click here.

Update: Since some people doubt that this is photoshopped, here is a picture of what that area of Madison Square Garden is supposed to look like.

Click to enlarge


If you notice, this banner says “New York Tradition” and there is no Chase Bank logo. I hope this puts the doubters at ease.

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...regrets but Chandler mailed it in last year. Coasted on the Defensive player of the year award from the year before.  The fact that he is motivated this year speaks more about his attitude last year vs this.  Disagreed with Woodson, so pouted,played the volleyball tap rather than go after offensive rebounds, never squared up on D....etc etc. ....so yeah boo him ..


Tyson was essentially our entire defense for three seasons. As a fan Im very grateful for that, I for one was looking forward to seeing him bounce back to form with the team before all the trades and signings. Although he was apart of the team for a short time in terms of basketball contracts, his defensive leadership was infectious and made anybody playing with him on the court better. Yeah his lack of offense was frustrating at times but the guy gave us everything every night. Don't boo you losers, not until his first free throws.


@m_huynh7790 why are you calling readers here losers?  Nobody has booed him yet.  

"I wish I knew where you worked I'd show up and boo you"  (Seinfeld on booing) 

Meanwhile if I was going to the game and was going to boo, it would be THE KNICKS who are stinking up the NBA.  $500 for an ok seat to see these Knicks?  Not in this life.


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