Note: Milan Michalek Could Face Supplemantary Discipline For Shoving With His Skate (Update: With Video)

12:43PM: Dreger tweets, “Considering both incidents again. To be fair, Skinner wasn’t trapped when he kicked Nichol. Michalek looks like he’s trying to get free.”

Larry Brooks tweets, “Gotta love when someone writes “kicks” as if Milan Michalek didn’t actually kick Dan Girardi…kinda like Neil hitting Boyle in the “head.”


Dreger adds, “Following Skinner susp.Shanny said any intentional or reckless use of skate blade in this manner is dangerous and unacceptable.Similar acts.”

Bruce Garrioch tweets, “NHL looking at Michalek Incident. Source said Girardi was complaining his pant leg was cut. No decision on hearing … yet.”