Note: Looking at the Rangers

At SI Red Light, Stu Hackel writes about the Rangers and says, “This team is all about character and sacrifice, starting with captain Ryan Callahan. The Rangers play with unmatched passion, and their shot-blocking and energy are exceptional. They don’t lose a lot of races for the puck and they take hits to make plays.”

John Tortorella said yesterday “We are a sum of the parts team. One of the biggest aspects of our success is playing as a team. That is a huge part of our foundation and the way it has been all year long. I look at Brian Boyle, Anisimov, Prust, we have played really well as a team and its going to be very important to us heading into playoffs.”

via USA Today

Rod Gilbert told this about the Rangers, “They know the tradition of the Rangers. I’m sure every one of these great players has experienced the feeling that Adam and Mark receive. The adulation and the support of all the fans and how important it was to get them to that parade. So they know exactly what they’re up for and there’s a lot of effort that’s going to go into it, and I think they’re prepared to do the sacrificing.”