Note: Having The Puck Is Important

At Ranger Rants Andrew Gross spoke with Derrk Stepan about the struggles the Rangers have had with offense this season.

Stepan said that the reason for the Rangers struggles is simple,“We just don’t have the puck. It’s hard to play offense when you play defense the majority of the game, it’s hard to have that burst on the offensive side when you’re chasing guys the whole game.”

Stepan added that “everyone needs to up that compete level when it comes to those 50-50 pucks. Stuff like like that is going to help our game tremendously offensively and then defensively it still needs to be worked on but that will come with us having the puck. You’re going to see breakdowns in our defense and that has nothing to do with other than the fact that sometimes in the beginning of the season you’re going to have breakdowns. It seems like ours are going in the net right now.”