Mailbag: Will Michael Del Zotto Get An Offer Sheet?

Michael: Are you afraid that the Flyers or Red Wings will send an offer sheet to Del Zotto? Why hasn’t he signed yet? Other teams are looking for defensemen and I am worried the Rangers will lose him!

Adam Rotter: 
I am not worried about the Rangers losing Del Zotto to a hold out or to an offer sheet. The Rangers refused to include Del Zotto in any trade proposals and John Tortorella said “By no means are we trying to move Michael Del Zotto or lose him.” Del Zotto said himself that he thinks his deal will be done and that his agent and the Rangers are talking.

There seems to be a lack of urgency regarding RFA defensemen as John Carlson, PK Subban, Jonathon Blum and Dmitry Kulikov are also unsigned. Whether it’s agents waiting until one of the other defensemen sign to set the market or the teams waiting until a new CBA is figured out with a change to second contracts, something is holding up the market. Again, Del Zotto will be a Ranger this season and if some team does come with an offer sheet, and Del Zotto signs it, the team won’t waste any time in matching it.