Mailbag: Can The Rangers Trade With A Team Below The Salary Floor?

Steve and Mike: Since the salary floor is going up and there are teams a lot of teams below the salary floor, could the Rangers trade Wojtek Wolski, Chris Drury or Wade Redden to one of those teams to raise their payroll and lower the Rangers?

Adam: It is possible, but I think it’s unlikely in both cases. Drury has a no-movement clause and doesn’t seem keen on waving it, even if it would really only be a paper kind of move since Drury is unlikely to be able to play again because of his knee.

With Drury, the idea seems plausible because his contract expires after this season. With Redden, he still has three years left on his contract at $6.5 million per season. The thing to remember is that the whole structure of the salary cap could be different after the CBA expires. All teams know this and it will stop a team like Florida from taking on big money when there is so much unknown beyond next season.

Redden may only be a problem for the Rangers this summer as he could void his contract in training camp to get one more shot at playing in the NHL.

As for Wolski, I think that the Rangers intend for him to be in their top six this season. With talent and a one-year deal though, Wolski could be the type of player moved to a team trying to get to the salary floor.