Listen: Henrik Lundqvist On WFAN This Morning (Updates)

Update: 10:52PM:

MSG has some video of Lundqvist in studio yesterday

Update: 8:27PM:

Here is the rest of what Lundqvist said on CaBoom this morning:

  • Carton calls Boomer a “nine year old boy” when it comes to his Rangers fandom
  • Boomer calls Sidney Crosby overrated and calls him a “diver.” Lundqvist has no comment
  • He has a Swedish girlfriend, Carton is devastated by that for some reason. Carton demands her name. Lundqvist says that she understands him and they come from similar backgrounds. She is 28
  • Lundqvist benches 125 kilos which has says transfers to 250lbs
  • When questioned, Lundqvist says that he likes Tortorella, likes the different coaching style that he possess
  • He says that number of shots don’t matter, but the quality of the shots. Doesn’t matter if he gets 30-35 shots a night
  • Carton says he only knows the first line of the Rangers players. He likes Frolov
  • Once again, Lundqvist says the team will make the playoffs
  • Joel Lundqvist signed a six year deal with Frolunda in Sweden
  • Hank says he wouldn’t consider any offer from the KHL. He loves his life, loves the City.
  • He never calls himself “the King”
  • Carton wants to be acknowledged when he goes to Rangers games. They swapped cell phone numbers

Update: 2:15PM:

Justin Teranova in the NY Post has more on Lundqvist on CaBoom

Original Post:

Earlier this morning Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist joined WFAN’s morning show of Boomer and Carton. Here is part of a recap from the early part of the 12 minute interview

  • Craig Carton asks why Gaborik didn’t shoot against Philadelphia. Lundqvist says he doesn’t know.
  • Carton says that he HATES Tortorella and thinks he should have been fired after his incident against Washington in the 2009 playoffs
  • Carton claims that Tortorella doesn’t like Avery, Hank says he does like Avery and that Avery is important to the team.
  • Lundqvist calls missing the playoffs “heartbreaking”
  • He didn’t care that the Flyers went to the Finals, only concerned with the Rangers and them getting better
  • When someone like Ovechkin is coming down on him, Lundqvist says he tries to be confident and be patient.
  • Later in the interview Carton asks Lundqvist to guarantee the Rangers making the playoffs and Lundqvist responds, “Absolutely… we will. I promise.”

…Full recap to come later or click here to listen

My computer heard Craig Carton and decided it would rather start lowering the battery than keep listening

Thanks to Marc for the heads up email about Lundqvist on CaBoom this morning


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