Jeff Gorton on the Rangers roster right now

RangersOn Saturday, Jeff Gorton was asked if the Rangers were going to have enough salary cap space to be able to be players in the UFA market that starts on Wednesday at 12PM.

Gorton said that they will look at the market and see what they need but added “I don’t think there are a lot of holes on our team. We have a lot of guys signed and a lot of guys pigeon holed.”

He said that if there is someone that they like who is available at a good price “we will be able to do something.”

Gorton said that everything the Rangers want to do is “doable” but in the cap world “you have to fit your best lineup into $71.4 million.”

Larry Brooks wrote on Sunday that the Rangers are not as good a team as the one that ended the season but they are not yet a finished product. He adds that it’s Not how a team starts but how a team finishes.”(NY Post)

Pierre McGurie said on TSN1050 this morning that the Rangers need to be busy in free agency but it’s going to be tough for them.


Team is pretty full right now. I'd like to see them move Glass and replace him with someone younger, and more effective.