BUZZ: Will The Rangers Buy Out Wojtek Wolski?

At Newsday, Arthur Staple writes that the Rangers “will almost certainly” buy out the final year of Wojtek Wolski’s contract.

Wolski will have a cap hit of $3.8 million next season.

Buying out Wolski would cost the Rangers $466,667 next season and $666,667 the following season.

I wondered about the Rangers buying out Wolski the day after he was acquired.

The numbers to buy him out work in the Rangers favor and will give them more space to sign their own guys and go after Brad Richards or a player via trade. I just wonder about cutting a guy loose who needs to prove something and will be playing for a contract next year. He has the talent, and has talked about wanting and needing to be better, but he had his chances to show something and in most cases he didn’t.