BUZZ: The Rangers Will Elect A One Year Award on Brandon Dubinsky

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Larry Brooks, in the NY Post, says that the Rangers will elect a one-year arbitration award with Brandon Dubinsky.

Brooks says that the Rangers have slotted Dubinsky in at $2.8 million while Dubinsky is requesting $4.6 million, but that both sides expect Dubinsky to come away with a salary between $3.8 and $4.4 million.

He also says that the Rangers have no intention of walking away from the award and that they plan to keep quiet besides their required statements to lower any sort of additional headache.

Dubinsky took the Rangers to arbitration because he had the right to do so. The Rangers, surely, didn’t want it to come to this, but it does end all contract issues with Dubi for this coming season and since they don’t plan to attack him to influence the decision, hopefully it will leave fewer hard feelings than arbitration usually brings.

Dubinsky will still be an RFA next summer.

People will surely react to the Rangers slotting him at $2.8 million, but it’s just to give the arbitrator a bigger field to work with. The Rangers aren’t exactly laying down in this hearing, but they won’t attack Dubi, and he has the chance to make his case to get paid a salary close to where he is requesting. The Rangers would love to get Dubinsky at $2.8 million but they know that it’s likely to be higher than that, but are using what is available to them in the CBA to try and lower it. They don’t view him as a player worth $2.8 million, that isn’t what they are offering to him in negotiations. It was reported that the Rangers were offering over $4 million per season, but Dubi wanted more. This is just strategy and the Rangers trying to get Dubi to have a bit of a lower cap hit for next season.