Buzz: The CBA May Not Be Ratified Until Saturday

According to Chris Johnston of the CP, the players may not vote to ratify the CBA until Saturday.

Johnston adds in a follow up tweet “With player vote through Sat, training camps likely won’t open before Sun. Bill Daly says they can still start Jan. 19. ‘Barely, but yes.'”

Tom Gulitti says that this delay would all but guarantee that the schedule will only be 48 games.

Training camp can not start until the CBA is ratified.


Thanks, Bent.   Another nice job.    As you say, I think it's reasonable to hope that Bowen can do a "functional job" in a "rotational role"...providing he even makes the final roster.    Same is probably true for Vickerson, Hilliard, Brewer and Davis.   All nearly identical deals with very similar expectations.