Buzz: Rangers Leaving Hartford? (Update)

Matthew Coller who wrote the article about this potential move for Biz of Hockey emailed me with some more clarifications about it.

The move would be for the 2011-12 season.

…That is my bad about missing that from last night but I was drained after watching the Mets and Yankees. It just never seemed like it was going to end

Coller says that a “great deal of work” still needs to be done for the Rangers to move to Rochester because they do in fact own the Wolf Pack.

He is hoping to get more details in the coming weeks on the move.

….Nice of Coller to email and clarify some things. I think this move could happen, but would the Rangers really want to move their chief minor league affiliate from being around 2 hours away by drive to 5 or 6? That is a ton more driving if they do the goalie switching again or that one player who continues to get sent up and down. It seems like they have a nice deal with the Wolf Pack and I don’t know why they would want to move it.

Original Post: May 22nd, 11:13PM

According to the Biz Of Hockey, via Craig who emailed it and Blueshirt Banter, the Rangers will be ditching the Hartford Wolfpack as their AHL affiliate and will partner up with the Rochester Americans.

…There have been rumors of this before, first Albany and then Syracuse which both didn’t come true.

According to the source, the Rangers, who reside approximately six hours from Rochester, are unhappy with their relationship with the Wolfpack and are very interested in becoming the parent club of the Americans.

…This is the part of the story that confuses me in that MSG owns the Hartford Wolfpack, so if there is a problem its with themselves. The story doesn’t address what the issues between the parties are but with the Rangers essentially owning the Wolf Pack its hard to see a problem that can’t b fixed. Plus, season tickets for next season are available already for Hartford.

Maybe they close up shop on the Wolfpack and just move to Rochester but I don’t know why they would. There have to be more details that come out about this or some concrete confirmation. I personally wouldn’t take this to the bank yet.