Buzz: Marc Savard?

In his blog at Newsday, Steve Zipay decides to fire up some speculation in regards to Marc Savard who has been rumored to be being shopped by the Bruins.

Savard’s contract is also under investigation as Larry Brooks noted this morning.

Zipay throws out names like Matt Gilroy, Sean Avery and a 2011 second round pick as pieces that he speculates Boston could be interested in.

….Again, speculation on his part, but what team is going to want to take on Avery?

…I wonder how Brad Richards feels about Zipay writing about another Center for the Rangers since Richards name always comes up when Zipay writes even though Richards has said he wants to stay in Dallas.

I have been against Savard because of his contract being a bit of a burden, but his style of play would fit a need for the team.