Buzz: Lecavalier Speculation Part 876

Pierre LeBrun, of, speculates as to what the future of Vinny Lecavalier may be in Tampa Bay.

He doesn’t look happy to me. He’s not firing on all cylinders. His coach doesn’t seem to know how to use him. It’s just a bad fit right now. And the timing, well, let’s just say he’s in the first year of a massive lifetime deal that pays him $70 million over the first seven years.

LeBrun notes three teams that could have interest, and of course the Rangers are one of them.

…Reading this late last night it seemed like I had read this exact same thing before, and its because LeBrun wrote essentially the same thing about a month ago.It’s all speculation but it makes too much sense not to connect the two parties. Lecavalier seems like he has been pushed out of the limelight in Tampa by second year man Steven Stamkos and the possibility to re-unite him and Torts and to have him center Marian Gaborik is all to appealing to not look into.

As LeBrun notes, though, its all speculation until Vinny decides what he wants to do. It would still cost an arm and a leg to get him, but it would solve the secondary scoring problem.