Buzz: LA Called About Marian Gaborik?

According to Bruce Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun, Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi called the Rangers and asked about the availability of Marian Gaborik.

Garrioch writes that it’s unlikely the Rangers would move Gaborik unless it was for a tremendous offer.

I think people need to read this the right way. Los Angeles called the Rangers about Marian Gaborik. The Rangers aren’t shopping Gaborik. That is not what the report says. The report says that LA asked about Gaborik in the same way that a team could call up Washington and ask if Alex Ovechkin is available.

There is really no way that the Rangers could trade Gaborik, who while he is and has been struggling, minus the Toronto game, is still a game breaker and their biggest offensive threat. It’s hard to think they could get a player of equal ability in return for Gabby and prospects won’t cut it for right now which has the Rangers in the playoff race.

The Gaborik rumors on the internet are going to heat up again like they did last week and again, the Rangers aren’t outwardly shopping Marian Gaborik. I’m sure more than one team has called and asked about Gaborik. But don’t you think teams just call up and ask if a ton of different players are available?