Buzz: Has Rick Nash Skated Recently? Is He Week to Week? (Updates)

Rick Nash


8:32PM: Millard sends out an update saying “I trust the source.  NYR very tight lipped.  Best news is rick Nash is making progress.”

8:29PM: Chris Johnston, on Sportsnet, said this evening, “As time goes on there is more concern going on that this is a very serious injury and one that could keep him on the sidelines for longer than he already has been.”

John Shannon, in the same panel hit, said “Nash did sneak into the Rangers practice facility this morning, did meet with their concussion expert from Michigan but there is still no progress. The fact is there is one person making this decision and it’s Rick Nash.”

7:55PM: Steve Zipay tweets that the information about Nash skating is incorrect.

7:53PM: Daren Millard of Sportsnet tweets that he is hearing “good things” regarding the status of Rick Nash and that he was at the Rangers practice facility and skated.

It isn’t clear if Millard is saying that Nash skated today or had recently skated.

Millard adds that Nash isn’t “day to day” but “week to week.”

Millard is the host of Sportsnet’s hockey coverage and can be heard everyday on Hockey Central at Noon on Sportsnet 590.

Adam Rotter: it’s the only report I have seen about Nash skating and Millard also works daily with Doug MacLean who was Nash’s GM and coach in Columbus. I listen to his show with MacLean and Nick Kypreos everyday and I don’t think Millard is one to put out false information. What information Millard gets, which could come from Nash, his agent, or someone else, could be different from what the Rangers say publicly about the situation.


9:23AM: Yesterday on Hockey Central at Noon, with Millard, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean, MacLean said “I was told today that nobody, a buddy of mine sent Nash a text. He usually gets back to him quick, hasn’t heard from him. People are nervous. Joel Resnick, Nash’s agent, who texts us all the time. I sent him a text last week ago and I can’t find him with a search warrant. I don’t know what is going on but it isn’t good.”