Buzz: Could Ilya Kovalchuk Choose Russia Because Of Olympics

The New York Post, citing, thinks that Ilya Kovalchuk may play in Russia for the next three years because of his desire to participate in the 2014 Olympic Games which are taking place in Sochi, Russia. cites this interview with one of Kovalchuk’s agent’s saying the above and that the reported offer of $42 million over three years was incorrect.

….Well this brings up an interesting wrinkle into the Kovy sweepstakes. Him and his fellow Russian players, especially Alex Ovechkin, have consistently said they want to play in 2014, however Gary Bettman seems to hate the idea of stopping the season and having his players fly across the World for the tournament.

If they do stop NHLers from playing, Kovy would have his chance if he stays in Russia.

There are going to be a million Kovalchuk rumors and they are only going to increase as July 1st is right around the corner. For all we know he will shock everyone and sign a deal worth $100 million with the Islanders, or the best thing would be if he went back to Atlanta and it was all just a big show they put on.