Buzz: Brad Richards May Want A 7-10 Year Deal (Update: Rangers Won’t Give That)

Update: 8:52AM:

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that it is no slam dunk that  Richards will be a Ranger on July 1.

He says that Richards should expect to receive offer from other teams in the ballpark of seven or eight year deal at $7 million per season, but the Rangers are likely to offer a deal worth a five or six-year deal worth around $6 or 6.5 million.

Brooks lists the Kings, Maple Leafs and Stars, pending ownership, as teams who could offer more than the Rangers.

…Unless Brad Richards main desire is to return to play with John Tortorella, he won’t be a Ranger if that is their offer. It could be a Cliff Lee situation where he takes less money to play where he wants to, but it will be a lot of money and a couple of more years that he will have to turn down.

Original Post:

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that it is believed that Brad Richards and his agent are seeking a contract this summer between seven and ten years.

Garrioch writes that the Stars tried to sign Richards a new contract but the two sides couldn’t agree on the length of the deal.

He also writes that Toronto will not be an option for Richards if he seeks a deal of that length as Brian Burke has said he won’t sign anyone to a contract of that length.

…I wouldn’t either. As good as Richards is, the Rangers have had terrible luck with big money, long-term contract players recently. Richards is on another level in terms of talent than those other guys, but still, seven to ten years is a long time for anyone.