News: Kotalik and Higgins To Calgary, Jokinen and Prust to NYR (Updates Abound) (New Posts Under)

Update:1:21AM: Christopher Botta has a take on the deal at Fanhouse.

…People hate him, but Glen Sather pulled off another EXCELLENT move here. It was getting rid of two less than EXCELLENT moves, though Higgins for Gomez which leads to Gaborik yada yada yada, but still, he made up for his mistake and has given the Rangers flexibility and scoring now.

Update:1:16AM: The Rangers have sent a press release making the deal 100% official. It is below

Andrew Gross says that the two players are expected to be in LA tonight for the Kings game.

Update:12:59:AM: McKenzie, while crediting Dreger, says that the trade call is over and its a done deal.


Update:12:56AM: Daren Millard says that Jokinen and Prust have left the Flames locker room and are meeting with Darryl Sutter.

…Welcome to NY Olli and Brandon. Formal introduction posts on the players will come later today, as will a look back at the Higgins and Kotalik era in NY.

Lets just say that you won’t hear this song when talking about their time here

Update:12:55AM: TSN has their story up on the trade.

Update:12:47AM: In what could make this deal even better, Brooks notes that acquiring Prust could make Donald Brashear’s time in NY end. Or Aaron Voros

Update:12:45: Larry Brooks, who started all of this with the Original Kotalik report, agrees with everyone and says that the deal is done.

Dreger says that its done and finishes it off with a Good Night.

Update:12:40:AM Bob McKenzie says that the trade call is happening and its exactly as was reported: Ollie Jokinen and Brandon Prust for Ales Kotalik and Christopher Higgins

Steve Zipay jumps in on twitter and agrees that it sounds like the deal is done.

Rick Carpiniello at Rangers Report has it done also citing McKenzie’s report.

Update:12:33AM: Daren Millard says that the trade call is going to go through

…Okay, thats progress…

At Ranger Rants, Andrew Gross agrees and thinks that the trade could happen soon


Update: Tuesday February 2nd, Happy Groundhog Day:12:02AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the players may soon be told of the trade.

Update:11:57PM: In the end, Jokinen played 15:08. Prust played 7:27. Jokinen also had three shots and four hits. He was 2 of 6 on faceoffs. Prust had a blocked shot and a hit

Bob McKenzie tweets that there is a strong feeling the deal is about to go down.

Update:11:55PM: The Flyers have defeated the Flames 3-0 in Calgary.

…And so the fun begins.

Update: 11:25PM: As commenter GK points out, through two periods, Jokinen played 8:21 while Prust played 6:18.

Update:11:14PM: Dreger tweets that he expects the deal that was mentioned last night to get done tonight.

…He doesn’t say that a source told him that, he believes it. So there is a little bit of skepticism along with that, but he would probably say if he didn’t think the deal would get done.

Update:11:07PM: Kypreos says that the Flames believe Christopher Higgins can regain his Montreal form and turn into a solid power forward for them. He also says that if the deal does fall through, Jokinen will be shopped around the league by Sutter.

…Higgins has shown flashes that he can be a solid grinder and guy who gets shots. Scoring is another story, but the Flames can believe whatever they want as long as they take him and Kotalik.

Update:10:38PM: Dreger just tweeted that “Jokinen and Prust look good tonight. Wonder how they’ll look tomorrow in Rangers blue?”

…Sounds like he is confident that the deal is going to happen and that is a nice sigh of relief. Dreger is as plugged in as they come, so if he has something like this, he must think/know that after the game Jokinen will be a Ranger.

Update:10:18PM: Nick Kypreos, on Sportsnet, says that he has been told that the Rangers expect the deal to go through after the game. He also said that one GM told him this afternoon that the deal was dead.

…So that is both sides of the fence here. Interesting.

Update:9:04:PM: I continue to get emails saying that the Rangers would be stupid to trade Callahan in this deal, and I agree with that. However, unless I missed something, the only report of Callahan at all was from ESPN’s insider this morning, which I already dismissed as a screw up on their part because the report they were linking to, from TSN, mentioned only Christopher Higgins. The Rangers wouldn’t trade one of their most important players and most likely their next Captain, for a rental player. No one, not Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun or any of the Rangers writers have mentioned Cally other than to say the Rangers would run away if he was asked for.

Callahan is a nice name to thrown into the deal by rumor mongers, but don’t believe them. Cally won’t be added to the deal, and if he is, then the Rangers better have a damn good explanation or another move to make that involves either #87 from Pittsburgh or #8 from Washington.

Also I promise to replay back to all email’s when this whole thing finishes

Update:7:55:PM: On Versus, Darren Dreger said: that the deal was put in place Sunday, and was a trade call away from happening. The call didn’t happen and that Calgary has been stalling the trade. He says that Kotalik’s no-trade is not what is holding up the deal. He was told this afternoon that the talks are on-going.

…That is all encouraging news for the deal to happen, on-going talks are good. It must be in Sutter’s hands at this point.


Update:7:40PM: Jim Cerny passes along what Dreger and Millard say, that the deal could be completed following the Flames Flyers game tonight.

Update:6:49:PM Darren Dreger tweets that the deal is very much alive and could be finalized following Calgary’s game tonight.

…Alrite. This is what I want to hear and it goes along with what Millard says. But again, this still makes it seem like the ball is in Calgary’s court, not Kotalik’s

Update: 6:30:PM Daren Millard reports that the deal could get done tonight after Calgary’s game because the Flames want Jokinen and Prust against the Flyers
…Okay, but what if one or both get hurt tonight against the Flyers then what. This also stays with the belief that its the Flames fault and not Ales Kotalik’s

Update:6:24:PM Blackberry didn’t format latest updates right, so here they are:

Andrew Gross has more thoughts on Kotalik, comparing the situation to the one of Dany Heatley, as I did below.

Gross and Jim Cerny bring up the possibility that Ryan Callahan could be in the deal, but say that the Rangers obviously wouldn’t trade Cally. Cerny also says that according to people he has talked to, blame is being thrown around on both sides of the table.

Update: 3:09:PM: Adam Kimelman at has a report on the deal being in the holding pattern.

…The Rangers are en-route to LA now, so once they land maybe more will come out about what is going on with the trade.

Update:1:07:PM: Elliotte Friedman, in his blog for CBC, writes about Jokinen and the value that he has because of his expiring contract.
…To me, that is the biggest reason for the Rangers to get Jokinen. Yes, he can score, and he could add the offense that the team is lacking, but he almost certainly won’t be back next year, and losing him will give the Rangers flexibility to maneuver in the off-season.

Update:12:29PM: Larry Brooks writes that Kotalik, not the Flames is the one holding up the trade. Brooks says that Kotalik has yet to waive his no-trade clause and is pondering his options back in NY. He also notes that the reports of Matt Gilroy being involved in the trade are untrue.

…So first its Calgary holding things up, and now it all falls on Kotalik. It makes sense, Calgary is on his list of teams that he has to waive his clause to be traded to. He has to think about the best move for him, sitting on the bench in NY, or most likely playing in Calgary. It seems like such and easy decision, but Koats is taking his time with it.


Update:12:24PM: Getting emails that ESPN Insider says that Ryan Callahan is involved. This is a screw up on ESPN’s part as the report that they link to mentions Christopher Higgins and not Cally. The Rangers and especially Tortorella love Callahan, he would make ZERO sense to be in this deal.
…Just a mess up, it happens. No reason for people to get so bent out of shape about it.

Update:12:20PM: Andrew Gross writes in Ranger Rants that the deal is “status quo” right now.

Update:11:13:AM: Andrew Gross tweets that the deal is on hold for now, and that it could be dead.

Update:11:06AM: Steve Zipay, of Newsday, has some more tidbits on the deal at Blue Notes. Ales Kotalik is in NYC and Christopher Higgins is expected to fly with the team to Los Angeles this afternoon.

…I get a Dany Heatley to Edmonton vibe from all of this. Not just because this post shattered that one as the longest in the short history if SNYRB, but because it seemed done, the players names came out, and in the end it didn’t happen. This deal could still happen and its just “stuck” for now, but could become unstuck after they take on the Flyers tonight. I can tell you what i’ll be doing at 9:30 tonight, watching Calgary Philly.

Update:10:49:AM: Andy Strickland writes that Calgary GM Darryl Sutter hasn’t spoken to Jokinen about the trade yet. He also says that Calgary is balking at the trade while Gilroy is involved and tha they want Higgins.

…Strickland still believes that Gilroy is in the deal? Everyone else has him out. He is pretty locked-in in St.Louis and is a credible reporter unlike the person who runs the site that he writes on.

Update:10:40: McKenzie, at has more on the deal. He says that the Rangers were ready to pull the trigger on the deal but that Calgary has held up the deal because they want Jokinen to play against Philly tonight. McKenzie says that we should know more after Calgary’s game tonight.
…That is recommended reading, it gives a little bit of insight into what could be holding the deal up. McKenzie is arguably the best there is at this, along with Dreger, so whatever they say has to be held in high accord.
Update:10:36AM: McKenzie follows that tweet by saying that the deal is not expected to happen today and could be off all together. He does note that the deal could get back on track after Calgary’s game tonight against Philly.

Update:10:33AM: Bob McKenzie says that Olli Jokinen is expected to be in Calgary’s lineup tonight against Philadelphia.

…As he should be. He is still a member of Calgary, but that could change any second now.

Update:9:57AM: Darren Dreger tweets that “no one seems to know why Calgary has stalled”. Dreger wonders if a third team could now be involved or the two are looking for one to get involved.

…The question now, is Kotalik holding up the deal because of his NTC or is it because Calgary probably wants more for Jokinen. A third team could solve that, but adding a third team at this point in the trade could be risky to it all falling apart.
And that can’t happen. I have gotten to use to Ales Kotalik no longer being a Ranger.

Earlier And the Rest Of The Reports From This Monstrous Post Are After The Jump

Update:7:54AM: Elliotte Friedman of CBC and HNIC, says that the deal may have fallen apart.

…This could just be another way of bringing up the Kotalik no-movement clause and to say that the deal isn’t done. Everyone else seems to still have the deal as imminent, but all it takes is one person to change that.
I think that what happened was that the deal hit its snag last night around 7:30 when the rumors first came out. Then Dreger got the names of the players that were involved and it made the deal seem like it would happen at any moment, when in fact nothing had probably changed in the deal. The deal still could be imminent and still has a very real chance of happening, but we all played a part in the misconception that by the end of the third period last night, Jokinen was officially going to be a Ranger. Tons of credit goes to Carpy who figured this mess out.

Update:12:48AM: According to the Incredible Rick Carpiniello, one of the teams that is on Kotalik’s teams that he needs to accept a trade to, is in fact Calgary.

…Well, that is annoying. At this point, would Kotalik really block the deal to come back to NY, a place he won’t play and isn’t wanted now. My guess is that Kotalik will waive his no-trade clause and will be en-route to Calgary soon enough. Or, the Rangers continue to make him a healthy scratch until they can try and deal him again.

Update:12:12AM: Steve Zipay says that the Flames originally wanted Gilroy in the deal.

…That goes along with what Brooks just said, and also, again, goes along with the buzz that Gilroy was getting traded too.

Update: 12AM February 1st: Larry Brooks, who started this whole thing, reports that the Rangers were going to send a defenseman to Calgary before they asked for Christopher Higgins.
…And that is where Matt Gilroy’s name came into all of this. Dan Girardi could also have been an option since his contract expires at the end of the season.

All Previous Report’s after the jump.

Update:11:31:PM: Dreger says that the trade call isn’t likely for tonight and that Calgary is holding up the deal.

…O boy. Well, maybe the Rangers have to thrown in a mid-level prospect or something to make the deal go through

Puck Daddy has their thoughts on the deal here.

Update: 11:06:PM: Pierre LeBrun has more on the deal at Rick Carpiniello, at Ranger Report has more thoughts on the deal and thinks that whatever stopped the deal from being announced earlier, hasn’t been resolved or has crept back up.
…Its possible that nothing has changed in regards to the deal and that Dreger just found out which players were involved. But, I would guess that the deal will be announced either later tonight or tomorrow.

Update:10:26: Dreger says that the deal is expected to be Jokinen and Brandon Prust for Kotalik and Higgins.

Here is TSN’s story on the deal.

…This is a pretty great deal for the Rangers. Head case or not, getting rid of those two for a guy like Jokinen is a solid move by Glen Sather.
Introductory posts on the new players will be tomorrow morning.

Update:10:22:PM: Dreger says that Gilroy won’t be involved

…Whew. I like Gilroy a lot, hope this one stays true. Guess he was being considerd in the deal, so they couldn’t afford to get him hurt.

Update:10:14PM: Dreger reports that the Rangers have traded Kotalik, Christopher Higgins or Matt Gilroy for Olli Jokinen

…Jokinen is in the last year of his deal with a 5.25 cap hit. My roomate T comments that it could be why Gilroy has only played less than ten minutes

Could be a nice deal for the Rangers to get rid of Kotalik’s contract and to get Jokinen who is in the last year of his.

Would stink to lose Gilroy though, with the youngsters that they have, someone was going to have to get traded.

Jokinen has eleven goals and twenty-four assists this season for Calgary.

Original Post 7:33PM January 31st

Update:9:16PM: Puck Daddy has some thoughts on the Kotalik buzz.

Update:8:24: Darren Dreger notes that the deal has been held up and speculates that it could be with Calgary.

Update:8:04PM: According to Andrew Gross, Kotalik has been sent back to NY to await the trade.

Brooks says that the tentative deal fell through according to “complications”

…Interesting. I would expect that a deal still gets done, but it will just take a little while longer.

Earlier reports are after the jump

Update: 7:46: Steve Zipay also notes that Kotalik isn’t with the team and that a trade could be coming soon.

Original Post:7:33PM Larry Brooks, in the NY Post, is reporting that Ales Kotalik has left the Rangers after being told that he will be traded.

Head coach John Tortorella did not inform the media of Kotalik’s departure in his pre-game press briefing, only stating that the winger would be scratched for the eighth time in the last nine games.

Brooks lists the Maple Leafs, who already made a ton of moves today or potentially Edmonton, where Kotalik previously played as possible destinations.
…John Tortorella delayed meeting with the media for 35 minutes, and trade speculation began. Kotalik is an obvious guy to get moved with his struggles and cap number. No word yet on where he could be going or for who.

Kotalik has eight goals and fourteen assists in the first year of his three year deal worth three million per year.


In exchange for forwards Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik

New York, February 2, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the Rangers have acquired forwards Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust from the Calgary Flames, in exchange for forwards Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik.

Jokinen, 31, has skated in 56 games for Calgary this season, tallying 11 goals and 24 assists for 35 points, along with 53 penalty minutes and a plus-two rating. He is tied for third in the NHL with five shootout tallies, including one game deciding goal. He ranks second on the team in assists (24), third in points (35) and is tied for third in goals (11). Originally drafted by the Los Angeles Kings with the third overall pick in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft, Jokinen has eclipsed the 30-goal mark four times in his career, most recently in 2007-08 when he recorded 34, including 18 power play goals which ranked third in the NHL.

The 6-3, 207-pounder enjoyed his finest NHL season in 2006-07, establishing career-highs in goals (39), assists (52), points (91), plus/minus rating (plus-18), and shots (351). He ranked second in the NHL in shots, tied for seventh in game winning goals (eight), 11th in goals, and ranked 14th in points. In 855 career NHL games, Jokinen has recorded 248 goals and 305 assists for 553 points, along with 847 penalty minutes. The Kuopio, Finland native is the Florida Panthers all-time franchise leader in goals (188), assists (231), points (419) and consecutive games played (376).

Jokinen will represent Finland at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada and will be making his third Olympic appearance (2002, 2006, 2010). He helped lead Finland to the Silver Medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, tying for the tournament lead with six goals and ranking sixth with eight points in eight games. In addition, Jokinen was a member of the Silver Medal-winning Team Finland at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey.

Prust, 25, has skated in 43 games with Calgary, registering one goal and four assists, along with 98 penalty minutes and a plus-six rating. His 98 penalty minutes lead the team, while his plus-six rating ranks second. The 5-11, 195-pounder ranks second in the NHL in fighting majors with 18.

Prust, who helped lead the London Knights to the Memorial Cup in 2005, appeared in 36 games for Calgary and the Phoenix Coyotes last season, recording one goal and two assists, along with 108 penalty minutes. He began the season with Calgary before being traded to Phoenix along with Matthew Lombardi and a first round pick, in exchange for Jokinen on March 9, 2009. He was dealt back to Calgary, in exchange for Jim Vandermeer on June 27. The London, Ontario native was originally selected by Calgary, in the third round, 70th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

Higgins has skated in 55 games this season, registering six goals and eight assists for 14 points, along with 32 penalty minutes. He was acquired from Montreal along with Ryan McDonagh, Doug Janik and Pavel Valentenko, in exchange for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto on June 30, 2009.

Kotalik has appeared in 45 games this season, recording eight goals and 14 assists for 22 points, along with 38 penalty minutes and a minus-18 rating. He signed with New York as an unrestricted free agent on July 9, 2009.