Note: Neil Smith Never Wanted To Trade Tony Amonte

On March 21, 1994 the Rangers traded two-time 30 goal, and at the time 16, scorer Tony Amonte to the Chicago Blackhawks for Stephane Matteau and Brian Noonan.

It was a move that Neil Smith, in Behind the Moves, said that he didn’t want to make:

“Keenan was saying all season, ‘Trade Amonte for Matteau.’ Matteau was the guy he wanted. I made [Blackhawks GM Bob] Pulford throw [Brian] Noonan in that trade at the deadline because I just couldn’t possibly do that deal one for one. So it was tough to deal with that [influence from Keenan]. You can’t trade Tony Amonte—he was our future. But then we got the two players, and we were where we were, poised to win, so okay.”