Traverse City: Game 3 Stats Update

First Period: 3-2 Rangers

  • Jonathan Audy-M from Tim Erixon on the PP
  • Shane McColgan from Christian Thomas
  • Christian Thomas from Shane McColgan

Second Period: 3-3

  • Tim Erixon, Michael St. Croix and JT Miller have all taken penalties so far.

Third Period: 3-3:

  • Going to overtime. OT is a 4 on 4 for 4 minutes then a 3 on 3 for 4 minutes and then a shootout.

3 on 3 Overtime:

  • Carolina scores on a breakaway to win.

Update: 7:13PM:

Schoeny says that the speed and skill has impressed him the most. He mentions Shane McColgan as someone who has had a good tournament as well as Samuel Noreau and Jonathan Audy-M. He says that the scouting staff focuses on skill when looking to draft and develop players. He says that there is more quality depth in the organization than there has at any point during his time with the team. “Quality depth” is necessary. Schoeny says that 60 players will be in training camp and that around 90% of of the players in Traverse City will be at the big camp. He says that the number one job for the coaches in Hartford is to develop players for the Rangers. The second thing is to have the veteran call ups ready to do the job and hopefully do it in a winning environment. He calls Tim Erixon an understated but smart defenseman who will get stronger and have his confidence grow.

Sather said that he expects that the Rangers will be better than last year. He says that they are young, enthusiastic and everyone is optimistic about the year. He doesn’t like signaling out players during a camp like this. He says that they are fast and the youngest team there and that the small guys play big. He says that the only person isn’t there is Torts because he is still recovering from his knee surgery. This is one of the two times a year where all of the Rangers scouts and coaches and management are together.