Read: The Rangers Organizational Rank

At ESPN Insider, Grant Sonier ranks each NHL Organization by its depth with prospects.

Sonier ranks the Rangers 17th and says that they have eight “top prospects.”

He says that a “top prospect” is someone who “will play a regular role on an NHL team, either this season or in coming seasons.”

The Panthers are ranked first with 15 “top prospects.”

These rankings, usually, reflect teams that have been bad for a while and have stock piled multiple high picks or traded for top young players. The Rangers have a good group of young players like Chris Kreider, JT Miller, Dylan McIlrath, Tim Erixon and Christian Thomas who could all be on the team in the next two to three seasons. They have some projects and guys like Shane McColgan and Michael St. Croix who could be steals if they play up to their potential as well. It’s a balanced system with lots of upside.