Read: When Micheal Haley Endeared Himself To Isles Fans

Earlier in the week, Kevin Schultz of Islanders Point Blank gave a report on new Ranger Micheal Haley.

Here, Kevin explains how Haley became a “lightning rod” for the Islanders fan base:

Haley is the Tim Tebow of the Islanders, for lack of a better comparison (Tebow at least has some football skill). But he’s a huge lightning rod with the fans who seem to think he’s the cure all for the team’s problems. That all comes from two springs ago when the Islanders had that huge rumble with the Penguins. Haley, among others, stood up for his team and channeled the frustrations of the fanbase. His memorable moment was charging after the Pens goalie (Brent Johnson) who had KOed DiPietro in a previous game.

At the time, Chris Botta wrote at Islanders Point Blank that “The home fans got another delicious dose of the Micheal Haley show, his first NHL appearance of the season, leading many to wonder why he doesn’t wear an Islanders uniform more often.”

Video of that night: