Read: Micheal Haley Is One Tough Customer

Bob Crawford of the Connecticut Whale looks at some of the moves that the organization has made this summer and on Micheal Haley writes “pound-for-pound, for my money, one of the tougher guy in the league, and made himself into a pretty effective offensive player in four years with Bridgeport, earning 43 total games with the Islanders.”

Hockey’s Future has said of Haley in the past “Although not big in stature, Haley never backs down from protecting his teammates and loves to fight.”

On Haley, Kevin Schultz said “A lot of Islander fans clamor for him to be on the NHL roster because of this fun-to-watch mentality and because he “can actually play.” That’s a very broad definition though as he’s a .5 ppg player in the AHL and his only comparable on the roster at the time was Trevor Gillies, who literally couldn’t do anything other than fight. It’s easy to say one player can play hockey when the other is a heavyweight boxer on skates. “

Adam Rotter: The best case scenario for Haley is that they work with him and try and turn him into the next Brandon Prust. He adds toughness but will need to beat someone out for a spot on the roster out of camp. He can be a jolt of energy but may need to be reigned in and coached to become a better and more useful player.