Read: Michael St. Croix Drives His Team

In the Edmonton Journal,via Buzzing the Net, Evan Daum writes about the Edmonton Oil Kings and their star player, and Rangers fourth round pick, Michael St. Croix.

Oil Kings coach Derek Laxdel says that St. Croix is developing as a player on both ends of the ice, especially on defense, and is the engine that makes the Oill Kings go:

“He’s a player that loves the sport, he loves to have the puck, and he loves to be the centre-piece of your team. He’s exactly that for us – when Mike goes, we go.”

Maybe they found a steal with him. He is putting up nice numbers, as a lot of players in the CHL do in their third year, but the Rangers have dne pretty nice for themselves in the middle rounds lately with Ryan Callahan, Carl Hagelin, Dale Weise, Tomas Kundratek and Ryan Bourque.


JPP was a DRAFT Mistake for DAY 1.....

REESE pulled the TRIGGER way to soon,

1st Round, 15th Pick !!!!!!!!

JPP played 2 Year of FOOTBALL at a COMMUNITY College !!!

and ONLY 13 Games for USF....

JPP 16.5 Sacks was a RESULT of,

OSI, Tuck & Canty Always being Double....

DE Dave Tollefson had 5 Sacks that Year,

and played a 3rd of the Snaps that JPP did.....

JPP, a Freak Athlete,

could Never OVER-COME his Low FootBall IQ,

and could NEVER stay in FootBall Shape.....

.........the Problem NOW is,

REESE has a hard time letting GO of his DRAFT picks,

in a PANIC, REESE could sign JPP to a BAD Contract......


ALL FootBall players are Athlete's.... BUT,

NOT All Athlete's are FootBall PLAYers !!!


Just because JPP talks doesn't mean we have to dignify the "JPP bite of the day" because there is nothing to write about.

JPP usually embarrasses himself every time he speaks publicly so why is it necessary to follow him around fishing for dumb inflammatory comments?

 Press and Bloggers using JPP for blog-meat is lowest common denominator kind of  embarrassing. 

Rob McBurney
Rob McBurney

Of course not cause he's going to jump ship


@Skookaloop You are correct, JPP has a low Football IQ, low IQ in general I'm guessing.  The biggest hurdle for him to overcome is back surgery.  I don't think he's going to be the freak athlete that made him a so successful early on.  he should take a modest 1 year "prove it" contract, because he hasn't proven anything in 2 years.