Read: Who Michael Kantor Is and What He Can Bring

Earlier this week the Rangers signed college free agent Michael Kantor. said that Kantor was known primarily as a checker/penalty killer who plays with a physical edge but started to add some offense to his game last season as an overage player in Sudbury.

Sudbury Wolves GM Blaine Smith told the website that Kantor is a “real team player” who throws hard hits, plays physical and cares about his teammates. He adds “we expect Michael to represent the heart and soul of the Sudbury Wolves this season.”

Sudbury head coach Trent Cull said that he likes how Kantor comes to play every night. That he is a good skater, big, aggressive and has a chance to make some pretty nice plays. Cull also praised the role that Kantor has in helping a young Sudbury team in the locker room. wrote this about Kantor, “he just finished a typical shift. All he did was raise hell. Kantor plays a nasty game. He’s not mean or cheap, but when he steps on the ice for his turn, Kantor goes out to make sure his opponents know they have trouble on their hands.”

They add that Kantor is the emotional leader of the Wolves , throws his body around, goes hard to the net, hustles and block shots.

There was a time this season where Kantor blocked a shot with his face that cracked his jawbone, opened up a gash and needed 35 stitches to close.

Kantor said that he has felt a lot of rejection in his time as a hockey player, “every level I played, there was always people telling me I couldn’t do it I was never drafted into the OHL or the USHL. I was never drafted anywhere. I was cut from teams and told to quit hockey. I always told myself to keep going. I would just push myself harder.”