Mat Bodie impressed Alain Vigneault on Tuesday

BodieMat Bodie played 21:29 last night for the Rangers and scored two goals, 5 shots on goal, 1 shot attempt blocked and 2 shots that missed the net.

Bodie played 4:57 in the first, 5:42 in the second and 7:33 in the third with 1:20 on the PP and 1:57 on the PK.

He said that making an impression was his focus coming into camp and that he has worked with a sports psychologist on how to make that happen. He said that one of the ways that he tries to standout is by jumping up into the play. (Daily News)

After the game, Alain Vigneault said “I remember him a little bit from last year. There is no doubt that there is some progression on his part. You guys ask a lot about McIlrath but one of the guys their coaches said that during their playoff run went head to head and played with Dylan was Bodie. Tonight I could see why. He has a real good stick, knows how to put it defensively. When he has the puck on his stick most of the time he makes the right plays. He had a strong game tonight and it was good to see.”

Asked if Bodie was in the running for the 7th D spot, Vigneault said “he certainly played a good game and will deserve another look so we will see moving forward.”

For a lot more on Bodie, click HERE.

Joshua MacIntosh
Joshua MacIntosh

Could be a dark horse for the 7th spot, Diaz didn't look too sharp last night (though he played well on Monday) and McIlrath hasn't stood out all that much either. A few people are worried about his size but he's not that much smaller than Diaz. 


@Joshua MacIntosh I don't what you're talking about but DM did standout especially yesterday interrupting a lot of scoring chances with good stick work. And his skating for a 6'5" guy is pretty impressive. Haven't seen many D-Men prospects, including Bodie, though is looks good, who have shown as much as Dylan outside of Skjei.