Note: Jesper Fasth Signs An Extension With HV71

HV71 has announced that they have signed Rangers 2010 sixth round pick Jesper Fasth to a two-year contract extension.

It says in the piece that Fasth is likely to sign a contract with the Rangers but he likes having the option of staying in Sweden to continue to develop his game.

This tweet translates to:HV 71 has posted a new 2-year contract with Jesper Fasth. Expect that he will stay one year and move to NY Rangers 2013th # twittpuck

Fasth has not played since brutally breaking his foot at the end of November. He is expected to miss three months.

Fasth, 20, had five goals and 11 assists in 21 games this season.

Spending at least one more year in Europe after missing this one is probably a good idea. He is still under Rangers control and as long as he is he can take his time in developing into another sixth round Swedish steal.

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Anthony Kunjbehari
Anthony Kunjbehari

So I've been a Knicks fan since my family moved here in the late 80s. The talk of needing a player that will "contribute now" is so laughable, that I don't know where to start. 

Our roster was set back 10 years when we traded Patrick for overpriced crap at the end of his career - all in the idea of those players contributing immediately. 

If we think getting a "mature" player is going to lead us to a title next year, we're all kidding ourselves. Phil was right to blow up our roster and start anew. We need to temper our expectations for a few more years (that crud 1st rounder for Barg trade isn't helping). I trust Phil's judgement (team needed to be blown up, he has the rings, he was a Knick champion) and just pray he takes the most talented player at 4 vs. the pipe dream of "we're going to win now". Having Melo and some scrubs doesn't mean we're close folks.

I'm hoping he takes Mudiay or Porzingis for these reasons...let them grow with the team and take it over at the end of Melo's tenure. 

@Anthony Kunjbehari I still believe that it would be even better to trade down a bit, get some additional talent and Frank Kaminsky. At this point, someone who is willing to do the little things (like play defense and hustle) is important. Since no one seems inclined to make the most important move - trading Melo - trying a Denver trade wouldn't hurt.