Note: Jesper Fasth Apparently Did Something Impressive Yesterday

This translates to “Not many dude in Elitserien can score alone with four # Lulea player and Johan Gustafsson. # HV71 ‘s Jesper Fasth can.

Another tweet translated to “Well, that was a decent individual performance by Jesper Fasth. The shot was sitting pretty good. ”

Another translated toHV acknowledges to 1-1. Jesper Fasth makes the goal of a really neat shot that goes up in the roof of the net. Match delicacy, for sure.

This one saiddamn good! Jesper Fasth is clearly the best!

This one translated to Oh my! Jesper Fasth .. Which hockey candy!

THIS IS THE GOAL that Fasth scored yesterday.

Fasth has five goals and two assists this season for HV71

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