Recap: Dylan McIlrath’s Comment’s Yesterday

2010 first round pick Dylan McIlrath spoke with the media on Friday:

  • On if he is physically ready to compete, “Clean slate. I get to keep everything in the past and impress the brass.”
  • Is this the year, “I hope so. I think so, I believe so, I just need to prove it to the new guys and prove that I can belong in the NHL. It’s a good start to training camp, really up tempo, and I am looking forward to it.
  • On the depth of the Rangers, “i am going to have to win a spot, they have a lot of veteran d men, and if I am going to make the team I am going to have to beat a really good player out. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work but I just wanna make the coaches have a hard decision to make.”
  • On being on the ice with Marc Staal, “you learn so much. He is the kind of defenseman I look up to. I want to play like him. He is steady and with a really good stick. Great shutdown but also can make good passes. I want to get to that level but it will take a lot of hard work. I can just pick his brain and watch him on the ice and see how he goes about his business.”

  • On Jeff Beukeboom, “he has been great. Obviously, you like to make comparisons between me and him. He is the perfect role model for me down there. Pick his brain again, he is the defenseman that was mean and hard to play against and that is what the Rangers want me to be and that I know I can be.
  • On his summer prep, “I had to keep the rehab on my knee, about 30 minutes before every workout. Just tried to get leg strength back. Last year was a grind because I needed to rehab to feel better and also get strength and it was touch and go. This summer I focused on leg strength and core strength.
  • Is it 100%, “Yes…absolutely. At development camp it was still fresh off the season and achy, but now it’s 100%.”
  • What he was told about his recovery when he had surgery, “it was funny. I went into surgery with Dr. Feldman and they said we are going to go in there and it’s 1 of 2 things. We can rehab and you are back in 4 to 6 weeks or you can be out a whole year. It turned out it was a little worse than we hoped but looking back I am glad we did what we did. I feel great right now and they felt I would be fine by now and it’s worked out.”
  • Is there a difference in what he can do now vs what he could do before, “It’s just working on leg strength so it doesn’t happen again. I feel just like I was before. Mobility wise, I am just working with the new skating coach and learning new things and getting better each day.”
  • On a sense of urgency from the organization, “I don’t feel pressured or think they will rush me. They told me that they want me to be here. If I am ready they are going to give me a shot. I just need to prove that I can play at this level and hopefully fill a role that they need.”