Dylan McIlrath

Read: Is It Time To Give Dylan McIlrath A Chance?

3:36PM: Bob Crawford, the Wolf Pack broadcaster, says that McIlrath has made ‘great strides” this year.

11:49AM: Darren Dreger of TSN tweets that “NYR rumored in deals on daily basis. Defenceman Dylan McIlrath has earned a chance given his play in AHL. Perhaps, a trade isn’t necessary?”

McIlrath is a right handed shot and has 3 goals and 6 assists for the Wolf Pack this season. He also has 102 PIM and 25 shots on goal.

Leslie Treff of Hockey’s Future wrote recently that McIlrath is growing into a “good, tough defenseman with an outstanding shot” but it isn’t yet known if he will become a “dominant” player.” She says that McIlrath should get a spot with the Rangers next season.

Gordie Clark said prior to training camp that he wanted McIlrath playing regularly in Hartford for the first half of the year but “after Christmas we will see what happens.”

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Adam Rotter: I haven’t seen McIlrath since the preseason so I don’t know if he is ready. The reports from people who have seen McIlrath indicate that he is much better than he was last year but still coming along. He provides a toughness that the team currently lacks, but whether he can be reliable enough in his own zone at the NHL level is still unknown. If the idea at the outset was to keep McIlrath in the AHL all season then they shouldn’t deviate from it just because of Michael Del Zotto’s struggles.