Read: Dylan McIlrath’s Performance Last Night and What People Thought

Dylan McIlrathLast night against the Flames, in his second career NHL game, Dylan McIlrath played 5:08 and had 1 shot attempt blocked, 1 hit and one blocked shot.

His ice-time broke down as:

  • First: 1:44
  • Second: 1:15
  • Third: 2:09

McIlrath also had a high sticking penalty and recorded his first NHL fight against Brian McGrattan.

McGrattan told McIlrath “good job, kid” after the fight and McIlrath said that it put a smile on his face to hear that (ESPN NY).

Alain Vigneault said after the game that it was a very courageous thing for McIlrath to do.

For his fight, McIlrath was awarded the Broadway Hat.

Dylan McIlrath


Kid shows promise and grit to replace maybe what the Rangers lost the last couple of years.

He better learn to fight though if hes' going to be a tough guy!

Jane Kuflik Agdern
Jane Kuflik Agdern

Shame on Google allowing teribble ads. When I watched the video at the bottom there was an ad that said you can see your arrest record with pictures of 3-4 guys. It said click here. Is that what you want to appear on SNY Rangers Blog?


I was there last night to see Dylan's first fight. I was talking about him to the people around me and then he dropped the gloves with McGrattan, he technically lossed. But he didn't shy away, did not give up and stayed in there with a premier heavy wieght NHL fighter.

This team needs more grit and Dylan will happily provide it.