Read: Dylan McIlrath Thinks He Is Close To His Dream

When asked about the plan for Dylan McIlrath this season, Gordie Clark said that it is likely that McIlrath will spend the whole season in Hartford so he can adjust to dealing with and fighting older and more veteran players.

In an interview with the  Rangers website McIlrath said that he feels his hard work may soon pay off, “I have a long way to go but I am not that far. I put everything I had into this summer and trying to get better and focusing on my dream of playing in the NHL.”

McIlrath said that his issues and rehab over the summer made him mentally stronger.

McIlrath has said that the key to being a successful player is to be hardnosed and physical.

On the night McIlrath was drafted, Gordie Clark said “He’s a special kind of player…when this kid is 22 you will see a helluva NHL hockey player”

THIS SECTION is dedicated to McIlrath.