Read: Dylan McIlrath Is A Freak On The Ice

When Dylan McIlrath was drafted in 2010, he was considered to be the toughest player in his draft class and inspired Kevin Allen to tweet “Rangers draft tough D Dylan McIlrath and immediately issue bumper stickers that read our draft pick can beat the bejeebies out of your pick”

Clark said at Ranger Rants that compared to when he was drafted, McIlrath has filled out nicely, “his back is wide, his arms are thick, his chest is popping out. He’s going to be a big boy,  It’s a vicious, intense division and conference. I don’t see that leaving even with the new CBA. So it’s great to watch. You don’t know what’s going to happen on any night. I think Mac fits right in there.”

Clark adds in a video at the Rangers website, “each year he’s just come back and getting thicker and bigger and stronger. He’s very mobile he’s always in top shape and just a freak thing on the ice.”

McIlrath has said that he likes to model his game after Shea Weber.