Read: Danny Kristo Is Another Case of the Rangers Picking Montreal’s Pocket

9:33AM: Following the Rangers Danny Kristoacquisition of Danny Kristo, for Christian Thomas, Leslie Treff of Hockey’s Future tweeted that the Rangers continue to take the Montreal Canadians to the cleaners.

Julie Robenhymer writes that that the Rangers “stole” Kristo from Montreal and that he will enter a locker room with players that he knows which will lead to a comfortable situation for him. She notes that a comfortable Kristo is a “confident Kristo and a confident Kristo is a successful Kristo.”

She says that this deal is a “huge win” for the Rangers.

Robenhymer writes that a reputation for maturity issues has followed Kristo since his early days at North Dakota but that after an issue with frostbite in 2011, he cleaned up his act and improved his focus on the ice.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the Rangers feel they “absolutely stole” Kristo from Montreal.

Adam Rotter: From almost all accounts the Rangers seemed to “win” this trade as people who cover prospects seem very high on Kristo and not nearly as high on Thomas. I like Thomas, but needs more time to develop, while Kristo seems like he is NHL ready. There was thought to be a chance he would play for Montreal when his season at North Dakota ended, he played in the AHL instead, but he seems like a guy who has the skill set to push for a spot in training camp.