Note: Boo Nieves Needs To Be More Consistent

Earlier today it was announced that Boo Nieves had made the cut and would stick with Team USA at their evaluation camp for the World Juniors.

Team USA has three more games, Finland, Sweden and Canada, this week before wrapping up.

After a positive first game on Sunday, Nieves didn’t have much of an impact in Team USA’s 5-2 win over Finland.

SNY’s Nick Licalzi, who is broadcasting for Team USA, said that Nieves was basically invisible yesterday and had a “relatively quiet and lackluster game.”

At the United States of Hockey, last night, Chris Peters said that Nieves was in and out of visibility and while he has skill and speed that would help, he hasn’t shown it consistently.

While discussing the players who were cut and who are sticking around, Peters said that it was a good decision to keep Nieves and it will be interesting to see how he responds as the camp gets tougher. Peters said that the key for Nieves will be to bring consistency with his offensive game and show off his speed and skill.