Note: Boo Nieves Has Special Legs

At, Mike Morreale spoke with a scout that said that 2012 second round pick Boo Nieves was the best prospect to come out of the New England area since the Rangers used the 19th pick in 2009 on a kid named Chris Krieder.

A similarity between the two is the speed that both players possess, as Gary Eggleston says of Central Scouting told Morreale, “he just explodes off the mark and has agility, balance and quickness to break loose from traffic,”

At, Nieves mother tells stories of how Boo started skating and his “special legs.”

“At age 2, he buckled on a pair of rollerblades and steamed down an incline on his driveway. He deftly executed an advanced cross-over stride and jetted into the street.

A year later, Nieves went to skating lessons with his older brother, Alessandro. A coach gave Boo a small walker often used by first-time skaters. He handed the helper to another beginner and then glided off on his own, unassisted.”

His prep school coach told Morreale, “I don’t know how he skates so freaking fast for his size. He’s one of the best skaters I’ve seen this year. I think he can jump into the American Hockey League and play right now and you wouldn’t even blink.”