Read/Stats: Conor Allen’s Debut

Conor Allen4:47PM: Vigneault said today that Allen wasn’t “jittery” with the puck and wasn’t afraid to make small plays, like taking a hit to make a play, to advance the puck out of the zone. (Daily News)

11:11AM: In his NHL debut last night, Conor Allen played 15:47 including 6:59 in the third period.

Allen was on the ice as late as 1:37 left in the game. He had two shots on goal and one shot blocked.

According to Extra Skater, while Allen was on the ice, the Rangers had 9 shot attempts for and 13 against.

Alain Vigneault said after the game, “he was one of our better Ds. He out played some of the other guys and deserved to be out there. He was poised with the puck, not afraid to take a hit to make a play. That is why he got that ice time.”

Ron Duguay said after the game that he didn’t think that Allen looked nervous on the ice.

Allen said after the game, while talking with John Giannone:

  • It was pretty cool. I was more nervous not to hit Hank in the head in warm ups. It’s important that we got the win. To say that I played in the NHL is pretty cool.
  • On his poise, “I think I just tried to rely on what I have always done. I might have looked more poised than I was feeling.
  • On his late game, shifts, “It was great and I was happy to do it. I didn’t think about it too much. Just think about who was on the ice and I knew that these two points were important.

Adam Rotter: I was impressed with Allen. He really did look comfortable on the ice, comfortable with the puck and just steady. I think that Allen, even if Marc Staal and Anton Stralman come back tomorrow, should play over some of the other defensemen and at least get a couple of games before the team decides whether to send him back. He played more in the third period on Sunday than Dylan McIlrath did in his second game and overall played more in one game than McIlrath did in two.

Erin P. Capuano
Erin P. Capuano

So let's trade MDZ and keep Allen, sounds like a plan to me. 

Jay Tepper
Jay Tepper

@Erin P. Capuano- Better yet, trade Girardi.  Nobody is more overrated than Girardi (except maybe Richards in Sather's mind).