News: The Rangers Select Calle Andersson

With the 119th pick in the draft, the Rangers select defenseman Calle Andersson.

Anderson was ranked 39th by Future Considerations, who write, “A smart, two-way defenseman who makes consistently good decisions. His skating has improved this year to a strength as he is very mobile and has quick with agile feet. He plays the game cool and calm, both with and without the puck on his stick. He reads the play extremely well and has great anticipation. He knows his positioning and where to be to stifle an attack as well as what to do to support an offensive play.”

“He has decent hands, he can carry the puck and has strong vision and passing ability. He times his pinches well and makes sure he does not leave his partner hanging out to dry. He has a strong snap shot and quick one-timer from the point. He isn’t much of a physical player on a consistent basis but has stepped up and made a few decent open ice hits against his age group. His best trait is his quick, seemingly error-free decision making process. Has had his development slowed by the high-end defensive depth currently ahead of him in his organization.”

Leslie Treff tweets, ‘Andersson played in the U18s for Sweden and was excellent offensive player from the blueline. Big, decent skater, who can move the puck.”

He is 6-2, 205.