Read: Maturing and two-way hockey were things that led to a big year for Anthony Duclair

Anthony Duclair finished sixth in the QMJHL in points last season with 99.

His numbers by season for Quebec in the QMJHL are:

  • 11-12: 31 goals and 35 assists in 63 games
  • 12-13: 20 goals and 30 assists in 55 games
  • 13-14 50 goals and 49 assists in 59 games

When asked what allowed him to jump so high in points, Duclair said that his approach on the ice didn’t change and that his focus is always on trying to be the hardest working player on the ice. He said that he matured over his first two seasons and that improving his defense has allowed him to be a n all-around player which has helped his offense. Duclair said that he is focusing on working harder off the ice to add some strength. (

Duclair can rival the speed of Carl Hagelin and Chris Kreider and has the chance to use that asset to be a game breaker. He has “soft hands” and “excellent” passing skills but the question will be whether he can match his speed and offensive skills to be a “real threat.” (HF)

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The Rangers signed Duclair to an entry-level deal in January but that deal can slide one more year if he plays in the QMJHL.