Note: The Rangers Used The Advance Free Agency Window To Sign Aaron Johnson

JohnsonPrior to the opening of Free Agency on July 5th at 12PM, the NHL allowed teams so speak with pending unrestricted free agents on July 3rd and 4th.

It was during this window that the Rangers spoke with Aaron Johnson and showed their interest in bringing in the veteran defenseman.

Johnson told 1015 The Hawk in July, “I talked with my agent before free agency opened and there were teams that were interested and NY was at the top of the list. When it was noon and teams were allowed to sign they called and it was that easy. It was send the paper work and sign and move on. The deal was pretty much done and it was waiting until the league allowed it.”

He noted that unlike times previously in his career where things seemed done and weren’t, the Rangers actually followed through with their guarantee to sign him.

Johnson noted that after he signed his contract with the Rangers the team asked him to wait an hour before mentioning it to friends and family but within ten minutes Darren Dreger had broken the news to everyone.

On New York, Johnson said that he is excited and looking forward to the challenge.”

Johnson signed a one-year deal with the Rangers for $600,000.

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