Read: Gordie Clark on the Rangers style of play and why it needed to change

TortorellaGordie Clark said that all the shot blocking the Rangers were doing under John Tortorella was the result of playing in their end too much. (Boston Herald)

He said “the guy who created this game created hockey to have the puck and be creative with it and make plays, not to chase it around.” Clark added, that is where they wanted to change. He said that Glen Sather went in search of a coach who would play like that and Alain Vigneault was that guy. (Boston Herald)

Clark said in the series against Boston in 2013 the Rangers played played too much in their own end and it wasn’t how Sather wanted or expected them to play so he made a change. (Boston Herald)

  • In the 2013 playoffs the Rangers Corsi was 46.8%. In the regular season it was 50.9%. (ES)

He added that a few years ago the Rangers decided they wanted to be more of a skilled and speed team. (Boston Herald)

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Read: The confidence in the prospects to get NHL jobs

Jesper Fast The additions of “marginal NHL players” Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi doesn’t show a lot of confidence from the organization that players such as JT Miller, Danny Kristo, Oscar Linbderg, Ryan Haggerty and Jesper Fast are ready to lock down roster spots.  (NY Post)

Larry Brooks wonders, rhetorically, if either Stempniak or Lombardi would have made a difference against LA. (NY Post)

Both Stempniak and Lombardi can be sent down without any cap charge.

Adam Rotter: It’s all about competition in training camp and organizational depth.The best players, “marginal NHLers” or prospects, will make the team. The Rangers have shown a willingness in the past to send veteran players to the AHL and I don’t think they would hesitate to do that again if Stempniak and/or Lombardi are beat out.

Read: What people in hockey say about Lee Stempniak

The first time that Lee Stempniak was traded was in 2008-09 when he was sent from St. Louis to Toronto.

At the time, Toronto GM Cliff Fletcher said that they were acquring a top-six forward who can add offense and play on the power play. He added that Stempniak was the kind of player that Toronto was trying to add to their roster for the future. (

Stempniak said that in Pittsburgh his role was to to hold onto the puck in the offensive zone and use his skating. (PG)

Flames President Brian Burke, who traded Stempniak from Toronto to Phoenix in 2009-10, said after sending him to Pittsburgh that Stempniak is a “really good hockey player” and if he was “10 pounds heavier, I think he’d be a dynamite hockey player.” Burke said that he thought Stempniak could help Pittsburgh. ” (Flames)

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Read: Dan Boyle talks about the PP and how he thinks it works

In his career, Dan Boyle has 66 goals on the PP and 77 at even strength to go along with 215 PP assists and 200 even strength assists.

About half of Boyle’s career points have come on the PP. Since the 2005-06 lockout, Boyle ranks 5th in PP goals by a defenseman, behind Zdeno Chara, Dion Phaneuf, Shea Weber and Mike Green. (HRef)

Asked about the PP, Boyle said, “I’ve been a big part of the PP for a while, I think it’s important for the five guys to know where each other are but with video today, I think it’s important to be a little bit unpredictable. What I mean is, the other teams. while the five guys on the unit need to know where each other are at, it’s important for the other team not to have an idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes you need to get ugly and when you are too cute is when it starts to go sideways.” (Rangers)

Alain Vigneault has said that in in ideal situation you have two players on the ice who shoot one way and three who shoot the other.

Scott Arniel, who runs the PP, says that a successful one is all about establishing the shot and that it helps to have a mix of different shots.

San Jose assistant coach Larry Robinson says that Boyle is “elite” at playing the PP. (

Read: Dan Boyle loves Brian Leetch

Brian Boyle7/191/14: 4:27PM: On his official Team Canada bio, Dan Boyle lists his hockey idols growing up to be Rick Tocchet and former Ranger Brian Leetch. (Olympics)

Boyle said, “my favorite player growing up was Rick Tocchet, hence the 22, but my favorite D Man was Brian Leetch. He was kind of the guy that I emulated growing up and to be sort of associated with him and the Rangers has always been in the back of my mind.” (Rangers)

He adds, “I was a Flyers fan growing up but Brian Leetch was the guy that to this day… people will talk about Ray Bourque or Phl Housley or other defenseman but Leetch is the best defenseman that I have ever seen play.” (Rangers)

Boyle has said that Leetch wasn’t the biggest defenseman but could obviously do things with the puck. He says that some people have compared him to Sergei Zubov but the player he most looked up to growing up was Leetch. (Voice of Russia)

Read: Tanner Glass on penalty killing and thinking he can be equal to Brian Boyle in some areas

Alain Vigneault has mentioned that Tanner Glass will likely see some PK time with the Rangers this coming season.

Glass has been a regular on the PK for the last three seasons and says that while he is replacing a “great penalty killer” in Brian Boyle, he thinks that there are some areas, like shot blocking, where he is comparable to Boyle. (Rangers Website)

In 13-14, Glass averaged 1:38 per game on the PK and had 57 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:04 PK, 54 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 2:14 per game and had 8 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:41 PK, 32 blocked)

In 2013, Glass averaged 1:17 per game on the PK and had 21 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:53 PK, 30 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 1:14 per game and had 2 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:37 PK, 18 blocked)

In 11-12, Glass averaged 1:47 per game on the PK and had 51 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:59 PK, 83 blocked/2:38 PK, 17 blocked in playoffs)

In 10-11, Glass averaged 1:02 per game on the PK and had 29 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:56 PK, 86 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 10 seconds per game and had 11 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:49 PK, 6 blocked)

In 09-10, Glass averaged 45 seconds per game on teh PK and had 19 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:34 PK, 41 blocked)

He said that penalty killing is the part of his game that has come along the most, he is comfortable as a PKer and he hopes to be a big part of the Rangers PK. (Rangers Website)


Read: The important thing about the Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi contracts

moneyFor the 2014-15 season, any player with a cap hit under $925,000 that is in the AHL will not count against the NHL salary cap.

The formula that determines this number is the NHL minimum salary plus $375,000. (Cap Geek)

Neither Lee Stempniak, a cap hit of $900,000, or Matthew Lombard, $800,000, would count against the salary cap if sent to the AHL. (NY Post)

Tanner Glass, with a cap hit of $1.45 million, would still hold a cap hit of $525,000 if he were to be put in the AHL.

Read: Matthew Lombardi was heading back to Switzerland until the Rangers called

In the middle of last year, Matthew Lombardi signed a two-year extension with Geneva of the Swiss League but included an out clause for the NHL.  (GSHC)

Lombardi said that he and his family were planning to back to Switzerland at the end of this month and didn’t think anything in the NHL would happen. He said that this offer “fell into his lap” and it was hard to say no to it. (TSN Radio)

  • The Rangers and Lombardi’s agent had spoken over the past few years but never came to terms on a deal. (TSN Radio)

Lombardi called this opportunity “once in a lifetime” (Rangers) and felt like this was probably his last chance to play in the NHL. (TSN Radio)

He said that while in Switzerland he gained confidence, found his game again and was glad to play the full season without having any major injuries. (Rangers)

Lombardi said that he will do whatever the coaching staff asks of him and wants to play a two-way game and use his speed. (Rangers) 

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