The Rangers brought Jarret Stoll in for his leadership experience

Stoll1One of the reasons the Rangers signed Jarret Stoll was to add another veteran to the roster who has won the Stanley Cup. (Ranger Rants)

Currently the only Rangers who have won the Stanley Cup are Dan Boyle, Viktor Stalberg, Antti Raanta and now Stoll.

Rangers GM Jeff Gorton said “I think to get a player that’s won in the past is going to help our group.”(NY Post)

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Derick Brassard doesn’t think the Rangers are lacking anything

Derick BrassardIn an interview, Derick Brassard was asked why the Rangers keep coming up short and what they lacked as an organization. (RDS)

He said that he doesn’t think the Rangers are lacking a lot, that it’s hard to win and that in the playoffs you are always up against good teams. (RDS)

He said that all you can do when you go deep is stay confident, hope to stay healthy and “wish for the best.” (RDS)

Brassard said that the loss of Marty St. Louis will be a blow for the Rangers but both Emerson Etem and Viktor Stalberg are fast players who will fit in well with the team. He said that he thinks the Rangers additions will be good and they will try and repeat what they did last season. (RDS)


Antti Raanta is a great locker room guy

RaantaAntti Raanta has a “contagious level” of energy that everyone in the locker room can feed off of. (CSN Chicago)

Patrick Kane says that Rannta is “different” but in a “good way” and he is calm, easy going, funny and “relaxed all the time.”

Patrick Sharp said that it’s easy to see that Raanta has a lot of fun playing hockey and that having guys like that around makes it “easy to stay in a positive mood.”

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Mats Zuccarello DID go to see James Dolan’s band in Norway

James Dolan8/19/15 | 10:39AM: In April, James Dolan and Mats Zuccarello had a conversation where Dolan asked Zuccarello to come see his band play a festival in Norway.

Zuccarello said that he would come but would need a reminder and Dolan said that if Zuccarello remembered to come, Dolan would remember to pay him.

Dolan’s band played the Notodden Blues festival on July 31st and Zuccarello was in attendance. (#Pleaselikemysport)

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