Practice: Derick Brassard back on the ice

12:09PM: Matt Hunwick is still paired with Kevin Klein. (Cyrgalis)

12:07PM: No players have been called up. (Gross)

12:04PM: Derick Brassard is on the ice at Rangers practice today and skating between Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello. (NYR)

All player but Lee Stempniak are on the ice. (NYR)

The lines at practice besides Nash, Brassard and Zuccarello are (NYR):

  • Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, Marty St. Louis
  • Carl Hagelin, Kevin Hayes, JT Miller
  • Tanner Glass, Dominic Moore, Jesper Fast

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist on how things have changed a bit in the last two years

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist said yesterday that the past two years have been a bit of an adjustment for him since in the past he was always able to play through his ups and downs. (NYR)

He said that in the past two years with how Cam Talbot has played and with how the schedule has been at times, he ends up with weeks where he doesn’t see a lot of action on the ice. Lundqvist said that to counter that he needs to focus a lot in practice and work hard. He added that in the long run it’s a better plan for him but just a different one than he has been used to. (NYR)

Asked about Lundqvist on Thursday, Alain Vigneault said “he is playing real well, his game is where it needs to be for us to win but as the head coach I need to look at the big picture and sort out. We have two good goalies. As much as everyone knows that Hank is our number one guy, I need to find games for Cam so that Hank is always in top form.” (NYR)

Note: Derick Brassard will skate with the team tomorrow

Derick Brassard12/19/14 | 10:09AM: The Rangers put Brassard on a charter flight from Vancouver and not on a commercial/public flight to send him back to New York. The Rangers made the plane company aware so they could have everything properly cleaned before it is used again. (CBC)

12/18/14 | 1:32PM: Derick Brassard’s isolation from the team, because of the mumps, ends today and he will join his teammates on the ice at practice tomorrow. (Cyrgalis)

There is on indication yet that Brassard will play in either game this weekend against Carolina. (Cyrgalis)

Brassard was diagnosed with the mumps on Sunday.

Read: Carl Hagelin on Mats Zuccarello and finally getting to play on the road

Carl Hagelin, Mats Zuccarello12/19/14 | 9:39AM: On being on the road, Zuccarello said that it brings “cohesion” to the team as they go eat together, play cards and start to form into a “united” group.” (Nettavisen)

12/18/14| 11:57AM: Carl Hagelin says that it was a good for the Rangers to go on a road trip because it’s on those trips where the “layers” of the team are “welded together” and the new players can finally start to feel as if they are really part of the team. (VG)

Hagelin added that the winning streak on the road trip has started to bring back memories of last year when the team were “road warriors.” (VG)

On Mats Zuccarello, Hagelin said that he had a similar start to last year and has started playing his best hockey on the most recent road trip. Hagelin said that in those three games he looked like the “usual Mats again” and held the puck and played with a lot of confidence. (VG)

Hagelin wondered if being in Western Canada reminded Zuccarello of being home in Norway. (VG)

Per Bjurman says that Hagelin and Zuccarello are best friends. (VG)

Read: Marty St. Louis on his on-ice mentality and what drives him

Marty St. LouisMarty St. Louis said that off the ice he is a guy who likes to joke around and have fun but once the game starts he gets very “intense.” (NY Post)

He said that when he gets into the “zone,” his game has a swagger to it and he is anticipating plays and where the puck is going. He adds that when he is in that zone he wants the puck on his stick. (NY Post)

Marty said that his desire to be successful every day and his desire to win the Stanley Cup again are the things that drive him.  (NY Post)

He said that as a player he has had to evolve and adapt his game and that now he reads the game better than he did when he was younger. (NY Post)

St. Louis is currently on pace for 28 goals and 36 assists.

News: Cam Talbot signs a ONE-YEAR extension worth $1.45 million

Cam Talbot

2:07PM: Cam Talbot has signed a one-year extension with the Rangers worth $1.45 million that will keep him with the Rangers at least through the 2015-16 season. (Larry Brooks)

Talbot’s contract was due to expire this summer and he would have been a UFA.

He is currently in the final year of a two-year deal worth a total of $1.125 million. This season Talbot is on a one-way contract with a salary of $575,500. His current cap hit is $562,500.

Talbot is 14-9-2 in his NHL career and has a career GAA of 1.80 and save percentage of .936.

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The Rangers currently have 11 players under contract for next season.

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Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today (On Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist and Mats Zuccarello)

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media on Thursday following the Rangers optional skate (NYR):

  • On Rick Nash’s 20 goal season so far, “we need our best players to be our best and in Rick’s role, he is doing that right now. He has played well for us, not just this year but last year. This year, Rick is a goal scorer and he is finding ways to put the puck in the net and we need that.”
  • On Nash’s mentality and work ethic, “I am hoping it will be a positive example to the rest of our group. Rick is a smart young man. He knew that coming into this season, even with the playoff push that we had, his numbers were not where they needed to be. He knew that there would be scrutiny and attention put on his play and he did everything that was in his control this summer to make sure that he came here in the best possible shape and frame of mind and he is proving that he is a top end player.”

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist talks about the mumps and not changing his routine because of it

HenrikHenrik Lundqvist said today that he isn’t doing anything differently to prevent getting the mumps. (NYR)

Lundqvist said that he got the vaccine 3-4 weeks ago as well as last year prior to his trip to Sochi for the Olympics. (NYR)

He said that getting the virus is not something that you can think about too much and that the Rangers trainers are doing the best they can to keep everything clean. He said, “the trainers need to change their routine a bit with water bottles but for us we pretty much do the same thing.” (NYR)

Lundqvist said that the guys stay in touch with the players who have the mumps but there is nothing that can be done other than letting the virus run it’s course. (NYR)