Recap: Henrik Lundqvist’s post game comments

Henrik Lundqvist10:42PM: John Giannone said on MSG, “the man who usually takes losses to hard was especially disconsolate afterwards. Within 15 minutes of the end of the game, Lundqvist sat by himself in the Rangers dressing room, the only player in the room, sitting at his locker with his face in his hands, his head shaking from side to side and every time he would take off a piece of equipment that frustration would show even more. Whether it was a balled up roll of tape thrown across the room or a leg pad thrown to the ground.

10:25PM: Henrik Lundqvist met with the media on MSG following the Rangers 1-0 loss to Montreal:

  • On the goal, “I don’t expect him to shoot, I get caught too deep and when I am about to push to the left I get stuck on the post and there is no excuse. I have to expect him to shoot even though it’s a weird angle or whatever, I have to stop it. This is one me and it’s a tough feeling. I felt that I played really well and it was a tight game and right now we aren’t scoring a lot so we can’t afford mistakes like that. That is very disappointing.”

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FINAL: Montreal 1 Rangers 0

First Period:

Second Period:

Third Period:

  • Max Pacioretty (22) Snap shot – ASST: Dale Weise (11), Tomas Plekanec (20)



Adam’s Thoughts:

  • 99% of the time Henrik Lundqvist makes that save. He didn’t tonight and that was the difference. You could see right after it went in and especially at the end of the game how angry Lundqvist was. Other than that he was really good.
  • If you discount Carl Hagelin scoring with 8 seconds left on Tuesday, it’s another stretch of being shutout for two straight games. The Rangers had chances tonight, especially in the third period, but seemed to just miss connecting, Montreal made a defensive play or Carey Price made a big save.
  • It’s a frustrating game because based on the third period it seemed like the Rangers would be the ones to get the break and win it 1-0. The only thing to do is move on from this and try and get two points in Carolina. They weren’t great tonight but they weren’t terrible and were one bounce away from finding a way to win. They need to be better but there are certain things they can build on from tonight.

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Buzz: The Rangers have a scout watching Leafs/Coyotes

Rangers1The Rangers are one of 10 teams watching the Leafs and Coyotes in Toronto tonight.(The Fourth Period)

Other teams watching are the Kings (2), Vancouver, Ottawa (2), Edmonton, Detroit (2) Buffalo (2), Philadelphia, Montreal (3) and St. Louis. (The Fourth Period)

They had a scout in New Jersey last night for the Devils and the Leafs.

The Rangers have been linked to both Mike Santorelli of the Leafs as well as Antoine Vermette of the Coyotes.

The Rangers have had a consistent presence watching the Leafs.

Ulf Samuelsson’s comments after two periods

Rangers9:04PM: John Giannone spoke with Ulf Samuelsson after the second period and quoted him as saying:

  • “defensively we need to get five men back at all times. MTL is so skilled, we are trying to keep it tight and be big in the shooting lanes, focus on seal and press along the boards when we can.”
  • On getting more offense, “MTL is playing so well in the neutral zone that it seems like they are playing man to man. We can’t be greedy, we need to read the play and get the puck deep and we are spending too much time in the corners, we have been too low with the puck as well.”
  • We have to spread it out and maybe get a tip from a point shot and we need to move without the puck, maybe then we will get a chance on a loose puck and put it into the net.”

Chris Kreider is a “goalie killer” and is not well liked by people in Montreal

Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider,   Zack SmithOn Habs Breakfast on Thursday morning, the panel discussed the Rangers win over Montreal in the playoffs last year and “goalie killer” Chris Kreider.

The conversation, between the three panelists included quotes such as:

  • On why Montreal isn’t more pissed off at the Rangers, “They don’t believe that Kreider crashed into Price on purpose, they believe that it was a hockey play and wasn’t on purpose.”
  • One panelist things that Montreal does think Kreider did it on purpose but, “I think that they do put just don’t want to put gas on the fire. I am sure they talk about it in the dressing room. They see the video, they were there, they saw it. They know how he is, they know how many goalies he whacks. I hate the guy, who will take care of that guy?”
  • One of the hosts said, “I’m not looking for a Bertuzzi/Moore kind of deal here, every second that this guy plays against the Canadiens you have to make him aware that you are there. I step out of the way if I am a goalie and Kreider is coming in.”
  • Another added, “If I was on the ice with Kreider he would have to wear a shin pad on the back of his leg all day.”

People in Montreal want the league to crack down on Kreider and his penchant for running into goalies.

How Montreal feels about the Rangers and coming to MSG

On Wednesday, Montreal coach Michel Therrien was asked about the Rangers and said, “we are probably playing one of the best teams in the NHL. You look at how they are playing the last 19-20 games, I think they only have four losses.” (Habs)

He added, “they lost against the Islanders but still had 40 shots on net and they are a good hockey team and this will be a real challenge for us.” (Habs)

Therrien said on Thursday that the Rangers will present a “hell of a challenge” for the Canadiens. (Rosen)

Max Pacioretty said that the Rangers are fast and like to play like the Habs do. He said that there is some extra motivation coming into tonight based on their recent struggles at MSG. He said that the Habs need to start feeling comfortable at MSG because the two could meet again in the playoffs. (Habs)

Brendan Gallagher said that the Habs will be motivated to make up for their performance earlier this season that “didn’t go very well.” Gallagher said that the Rangers use their speed and pressure the Montreal defense a lot. He said that they need to prepare for a “fast paced game.” (Habs)