What Chris Kreider needs to do to be effective

Chris KreiderJoe Micheletti said on MSG recently that when Kreider skates, shoots the puck, comes out of the corner with the puck and goes to the net with power is when he is at his best.

Joe said that if Kreider can focus on doing those things and not over handling the puck so much, he will be in better shape.

  • Dave Maloney said on MSG that the key to Kreider’s game is his strength and that “when all else fails” go to the net with strength.
  • Both Maloney and Micheletti added that Kreider is still in a learning process when it comes to defense and playing in all three zones.

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Picture: Chris Kreider with the Broadway Hat

Chris Kreider

On MSG, Henrik Lundqvist said of Kreider, “when he plays like that, with his speed, it’s hard to stop that. I see it in practice everyday and coming down the wing and he is big and strong and fast and when he plays the puck in the right area he can skate into it and it’s tough for a defender and he has a great shot and it’s a great game for him. He really stood out.”

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Read: Why there was no discipline on Chris Kreider for his hit on Thursday

Chris KreiderOn Thursday against the Bruins, Chris Kreider was given a penalty for boarding Carl Soderberg.

The hit looked like something that could garner supplemental discipline from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety but nothing beyond the initial penalty was given to Kreider.

In explaining why there was nothing further on Kreider, Patrick Burke, of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, pointed to the video the league put out about contact along the boards.

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Buzz: Chris Kreider might be hearing from the NHL (UPDATE: No further discipline)

Chris Kreider Tongue1/16/15 | 6:52AM: There will be no further discipline on Kreider. (CSNNE)

1/15/15 | 9:52PM:In the third period against the Bruins, Chris Kreider was given a two minute penalty for boarding Carl Soderberg and then five minutes for fighting Chris Kelley.

On Kreider’s hit, Joe Micheletti said, “This was as dangerous as Brad Marchand’s slew foot. Sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength and it’s a careless play.”

Larry Brooks wondered if the league would look at the hit as just a “minor” transgression.

Kreider was ejected earlier in the season but not suspended by the NHL.

The play is likely to be reviewed by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.

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Read: Chris Kreider is playing a lot better

Chris Kreider had a goal and an assist last night and has three goals and two assists in the last five games.

Joe Micheletti said of Kreider last night, “he was physical and getting in the forecheck, forcing turnovers, a factor every time he was on the ice. Physically he was strong, he continues to get better and better.”

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Larry Brooks writes that Kreider’s play has “improved dramatically” over the past few weeks. (NY Post)

Kreider said that he is doing things better than he was a few games ago and has gotten a better of sense of how to play with Marty St. Louis on the ice. (Daily News)




Read: Chris Kreider is a different player than he was a few weeks ago

Chris Kreider1/5/15 | 11:50AM: Alain Vigneault said on Saturday that Kreider has really picked up his game as far as getting pucks back, going to the net and finding the right person to pass the puck to.

1/1/15 | 12:35PM: Chris Kreider scored his second goal in 20 games last night and added an assist and four hits.

Joe Micheletti said during the game that Kreider has been “much better” lately, using his size and playing a more noticeable brand of hockey.

Joe added, “he looks like a different player than 3 weeks ago.”

Dave Maloney said on MSG after the game, “I thought he was a bull in a china shop and that is how he has to play. He has to play a straight line game with authority, and be a little belligerent with his physicality. His mates did a good job of finding him in flight because when he is in flight you can’t stop him.”

Derek Stepan said that Kreider puts a lot of pressure on himself but he is most effective when he is moving his feet and skating hard. Stepan said that when Kreider plays a simple game he can be “really effective.” (Daily News)