Read: How some people on Montreal radio would handle Chris Kreider/they do not like him

Chris Kreider2:35PM: On Habs Breakfast on TSN 690 yesterday, they said “I would single out Jarred Tinordi to go after Kreider, if anyone, he has the size and reach….my theory is that Jarred Tinordi should grab Chris Kreider by the collar and knock him out, fine, just do it, and send a message to anyone who will go after Carey Price this year. Seriously…..Chris Kreider went skates up into Carey Price’s knee and took him out for the season. Kreider has done this on numerous occasions. I’m not saying that it will happen, maybe it should, if Chris Kreider gets into the blue paint tonight, somebody has to do something. That is for sure, maybe you don’t do something out of nowhere but if he does get into Carey Price’s personal space, somebody has to do something.”

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Read: The idea of Chris Kreider having a target on his back

Chris Kreider Tongue10/25/14 | 2:32PM: Alain Vigneault was asked on Friday if he felt Chris Kreider would have a target on his back tomorrow.

Vigneault said that everybody on both sides knows that Kreider slid into Carey Price accidentally and that things are calmer and cooler now between the teams.

He added that it was a “pure accident” and it was unfortunate that they lost price but the Habs originally said it was an accident before saying Kreider did it intentionally.

Derick Brassard said that it was an accident and that the Rangers never try to injure anyone on the ice. He added that the Rangers would have liked to face Price in the series. (NY Post)

Henrik Lundqvist said that it was an accident and in the past. (NY Post)

Read: What Chris Kreider told Kevin Hayes about the NHL

Chris Kreider HandDuring the 2011-12 season, Kevin Hayes and Chris Kreider were linemates at Boston College with Hayes sometimes shifting to center. (Inside College Hockey)

Hayes said that when he played with Kreider they were a “power line” that brought the puck to the net. (Rangers)

He and Kreider spent the 2010-11 season as linemates along with Hayes’ brother Jimmy before Kevin got hurt. (Rangers)

Hayes says, “Kreids was my linemate the year we won the National Championship and I know he will show my the ropes and I will follow him.” (Rangers)

On Kreider being with the Rangers, Hayes says that it’s nice to have a familiar face and just like at BC, Kreider is someone that he can go to with any questions or concerns. (NY Post)

Hayes says that Kreider told him the most important thing is to be consistent so that the coaches can know what to expect game in and game out. (NY Post)

Kreider told Hayes to come to him with questions and Kreider would tell him who to talk to about getting an answer. (NY Post)

Read: The performance of the Chris Kreider, Kevin Hayes, Rick Nash line

Rick Nash1On Sunday against the Sharks, Alain Vigneault put Kevin Hayes between Chris Kreider and Rick Nash and Nash and Hayes both scored goals.

Dave Maloney said that it was impressive how well Hayes fit in with Kreider and Nash.

Asked about the line, Joe Micheletti said that they have size, can skate, pass the puck and score. He said that the line showed a bit of everything

Rick Nash said that the trio spent a lot of time talking because they hadn’t played much together. He praised Hayes’ work at both ends of the ice.  (Daily News)

Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 on Monday morning “yesterday was a great example of chemistry with players, Nash, Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes were phenomenal as a line. They had it all going on, those are three huge men by the way, that can be a very dangerous line if Kevin Hayes can hold up his end of the bargain.”

Hayes is 6-5, 225, Kreider is 6-3, 226 and Nash is 6-4, 220.

Read/Stats: Chris Kreider’s start to the season

Chris KreiderSo far this season, Chris Kreider has 1 goal, 3 assists and 13 shots on goal, with an average of 14:34 per game.

Kreider has 19 PIM but 17 of them came against Columbus. He has 9 hits, 1 blocked shot, 1 giveaway and two takeawys.

On the season he has been on the ice for 6 goals for and 4 against and he has been on the ice for 69 shot attempts for and 56 shot attempts against, giving him a Corsi of 55.2%.

Kreider ranks 9th on the Rangers in average 5 on 5 time per game at 11:52.

On the year, Kreider has started 15 shifts in the neutral zone (25%), 21 in the defensive zone (35%) and 24 in the offensive zone (40%). (Puckalytics)

Alain Vigneault said on Thursday that Kreider was “fighting it” a little bit against the Hurricanes.

Kreider did get a rare OT shift and Vigneault said that he was hoping his speed could make a difference in that situation.

Dave Maloney said on Thursday, “when Kreider gets into trouble I think his speed gets ahead of his hands and head. He is running around and not much is happening.” (MSG)

Kreider has been “all but invisible” in the past two games for the Rangers. (NY Post)

Read: Chris Kreider on what he learned last year and who helped him

Chris Kreider TongueBeing one of the remaining forwards who went to the Eastern Conference Final in 2012, Chris Kreider has become one of the Rangers “veteran” players. (NY Post)

Kreider says that he finally feels comfortable as a Ranger and no longer feels as if he is walking on “eggshells.” (NY Post)

He says that last season was “enlightening” for him and he became the player “I need to be and want to be.” He says that that kind of player is someone who is a physical, north/south player who goes to the net and stays there. He says that he doesn’t want to be someone who plays out on the perimeter. (NY Post)

Kreider said that he learned a lot from Rick Nash and Derek Stepan about competing every night and former Rangers assistant Mike Sullivan told him that while he may not have an “A” game every night, he can’t have a “C” game. (NY Post)

He says that one area of his game that he needs to work on is being more disciplined and needs to cut down on the penalties. (NY Post)