Read: Tanner Glass on penalty killing and thinking he can be equal to Brian Boyle in some areas

Alain Vigneault has mentioned that Tanner Glass will likely see some PK time with the Rangers this coming season.

Glass has been a regular on the PK for the last three seasons and says that while he is replacing a “great penalty killer” in Brian Boyle, he thinks that there are some areas, like shot blocking, where he is comparable to Boyle. (Rangers Website)

In 13-14, Glass averaged 1:38 per game on the PK and had 57 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:04 PK, 54 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 2:14 per game and had 8 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:41 PK, 32 blocked)

In 2013, Glass averaged 1:17 per game on the PK and had 21 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:53 PK, 30 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 1:14 per game and had 2 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:37 PK, 18 blocked)

In 11-12, Glass averaged 1:47 per game on the PK and had 51 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:59 PK, 83 blocked/2:38 PK, 17 blocked in playoffs)

In 10-11, Glass averaged 1:02 per game on the PK and had 29 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:56 PK, 86 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 10 seconds per game and had 11 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:49 PK, 6 blocked)

In 09-10, Glass averaged 45 seconds per game on teh PK and had 19 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:34 PK, 41 blocked)

He said that penalty killing is the part of his game that has come along the most, he is comfortable as a PKer and he hopes to be a big part of the Rangers PK. (Rangers Website)


Read: The important thing about the Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi contracts

moneyFor the 2014-15 season, any player with a cap hit under $925,000 that is in the AHL will not count against the NHL salary cap.

The formula that determines this number is the NHL minimum salary plus $375,000. (Cap Geek)

Neither Lee Stempniak, a cap hit of $900,000, or Matthew Lombard, $800,000, would count against the salary cap if sent to the AHL. (NY Post)

Tanner Glass, with a cap hit of $1.45 million, would still hold a cap hit of $525,000 if he were to be put in the AHL.

Read: Matthew Lombardi was heading back to Switzerland until the Rangers called

In the middle of last year, Matthew Lombardi signed a two-year extension with Geneva of the Swiss League but included an out clause for the NHL.  (GSHC)

Lombardi said that he and his family were planning to back to Switzerland at the end of this month and didn’t think anything in the NHL would happen. He said that this offer “fell into his lap” and it was hard to say no to it. (TSN Radio)

  • The Rangers and Lombardi’s agent had spoken over the past few years but never came to terms on a deal. (TSN Radio)

Lombardi called this opportunity “once in a lifetime” (Rangers) and felt like this was probably his last chance to play in the NHL. (TSN Radio)

He said that while in Switzerland he gained confidence, found his game again and was glad to play the full season without having any major injuries. (Rangers)

Lombardi said that he will do whatever the coaching staff asks of him and wants to play a two-way game and use his speed. (Rangers) 

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News: Rangers sign Lee Stempniak to a ONE-YEAR deal

1:12PM: The Rangers have confirmed the signing.

7/19/14 | 9:06AM: Stempniak’s deal is for ONE-YEAR and $900,000. (Larry Brooks)

7/18/14 | 10:50PM: The Rangers are closing in on a one-year deal with Lee Stempniak. (Darren Dreger)

Stempniak, 31, had a cap hit of $2.5 million last season split between Calgary and Pittsburgh. He had 12 goals and 22 assists last season, 11 in 21 games for the Penguins. At times with the Penguins he skated on the top line with Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz.

Stempniak brings speed and skill to the Rangers. (Brad May)

He is 5-11, 196 and has 341 points in 637 games. Stempniak has averaged 16:15 per game during his career. He had 104 hits last season. He has averaged .54 points per game.

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Read: Where the Rangers salary cap is after Lee Stempniak signs

After the Rangers signed Matthew Lombardi earlier this week, they had $13.2 million in cap space, according to Cap Geek.

After coming to terms with Lee Stempniak on a one-year deal worth $900,000, the Rangers have $12.3 million in Cap Space. (Cap Geek)

The $12.3 million includes Chris Mueller ($600,000), Matt Hunwick ($600,000) Michael Kostka ($650,000), Jesper Fast ($805,000) but not JT Miller ($894,167).

The Rangers have 19 players on their roster, per Cap Geek, and still need to sign Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello, Chris Kreider and John Moore.

The Rangers can go 10% over the salary cap during the summer but Jeff Gorton didn’t think they would do that.

Mats Zuccarello

Read: What Mats Zuccarello’s next contract could be

7/17/14 | 10:31AM: The Rangers are still in the process of negotiating a long-term deal with Mats Zuccarello that would see him stay with the team through his first few years of potential unrestricted free agency. (NY Post)

The process of locking up Zuccarello and preventing him from becoming a free agent could result in a higher cap hit for the player because of what he could potentially get on the open market next summer. A one-year deal through arbitration would result in a lower cap hit for the Rangers but possibly preclude them from a potential long-term deal with Zuccarello.  (NY Post)

Zuccarello is seeking a multi-year deal, he wants 3-4 years, with a cap hit of $4.5 million. (NY Post)

If the Rangers and Zuccarello do go to arbitration, it’s likely that his cap hit next season would be $3.7 million to $4 million. (NY Post)

Last year the Rangers and Zuccarello were on the verge of arbitration when they came to terms on a one-year deal.

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Buzz: The contract that Derick Brassard is likely looking for

Derick Brassard Broadway Hat7/17/14 | 8:16AM: Derick Brassard is believed to be searching for a long-term deal that has a cap hit of around $5.5 million per season. (NY Post)

The Rangers are still negotiating with Brassard ahead of his arbitration hearing on July 28 and are looking to prevent him from becoming a free agent next summer, which is causing the cap hit to be higher. (NY Post)

If Brassard does go to arbitration, Larry Brooks says that he will likely fall into the range of $4.5 million to $4.75 million on a one-year deal that would allow him to become a free agent next summer. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the Rangers could go to arbitration with Brassard and then attempt to work out a long-term deal this season but that could be “risky business.” (NY Post)

Contracts that have cap hits around $4.7 million to $4.8 million have been suggested as possible comparable deals for Brassard.

Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on Access Hollywood Live (On the Stanley Cup Final, being a goalie, his family)

Henrik Lundqvist was a guest on Access Hollywood Live yesterday and spoke with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover: (AHL)

  • Billy Bush says, “the David Beckham of hockey…King, I don’t want to get weird here but your hair is terrific. It’s a shame that you have a helmet covering it…..I am a huge Rangers fan and this is the best goalie that we have ever had.”
  • Are goalies different/weird, “some people say that. We are a little different. We are very focused, the stuff we do on the ice is all about focus and how we think and react to different things out there. We may come off as a little different, but not weird. (Laugh)

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Read: Oscar Lindberg is more confident after a year in the AHL

Oscar LindbergOscar Lindberg says that playing 20 minutes a night in the AHL and seeing time on the PK and the PP helped his confidence and his development. (Hockey Sverige)

He said that he got better after a slow start but didn’t do enough to take a spot on the NHL roster. (Hockey Sverige)

Lindberg said that even though he was with the team in the series against Montreal, he knew that it was unlikely he would play. He did say that he was happy to be around the team at that time and learned a lot. (Hockey Sverige)

He said that he was disappointed to not play in the NHL last year and felt that his point production in Hartford was “okay” but nothing more. (Hockey Sverige)

Lindberg said that he is working to be better prepared this season and hopes to take one of the open spots that the Rangers have. (Hockey Sverige)

On why he didn’t play with the Rangers last year, Lindberg said that he was too “uneven” and when he was bad he was just “too bad.” He said the team really liked his rookie camp in Traverse City but were not as happy with his performance in training camp. (Hockey Sverige)

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