Cam Talbot’s Ghostbusters Oilers mask

Who do you gonna call? 👻 Yep, the Goalbusters new spoky Oil bucket is here…👊🏻 Cam Talbot is getting ready for the new season with his new team Edmonton Oilers…😎 Slimer is all over the mask, of course in orange color… And he looks more slimy than ever…🎨 And as the true ghost he is, he glows in the dark💡… DAVEART GLOW Tech FX and all kind of FX💎 are all over the mask… When you come really close to the ghost, if you dare, you will find all the details all over the mask..🔎 Cam, I love to be your Goalbuster artist and create your mask art, thank you!😀 Thank you all for your interest. I am so happy and thankful, I am living my dream and I promise I will always work hard for you hockey fans all over the world. ❤️ @edmontonoilers @nhl #daveartthecradleofcreativity #daveart #daveartglow @davidofdaveart #talbot #goalbuster

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Talbot had another Oilers mask made earlier in the summer.

Click to see Talbot’s FIRST Ghostbusters mask his SECOND, YANKEE STADIUM version, THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH.

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Pavel Buchnevich is ready for months of questions about his future

Pavel Buchnevich1Pavel Buchnevich says that his response about possibly leaving the KHL to join the Rangers is always the same, saying that “only time will tell.” (Sports.RU via Peter)

Buchnevich says that he follows news about the Rangers to see what is going on but that his desire to improve his command of the English language has been “postponed” until he has more free time. (Severstal)

He said that he is prepared to get questions from reporters during the KHL season about his future and said that “but time will really tell” and that he didn’t want to think about something so far into the future. (Sports.RU via Peter)


Henrik Lundqvist is excited to have Viktor Stalberg with the Rangers

StalbergHenrik Lundqvist says that he hopes fellow Swede Viktor Stalberg cane have a “great year” and “feel good” about his situation with the Rangers. (Daily News)

Lundqvist says that he and Stalberg have skated together the past 7-8 summers and that he is someone that Lundqvist knows well. (Daily News)

Henrik says that Stalberg is “really excited” to be a Ranger, that he is a “good guy, good player” and “such a good skater.” (Daily News)

He adds that Stalberg’s previous experience playing in Chicago should prepare him well for what to expect in New York. (Daily News)

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Will the Rangers have a patch for their 90th season?

November 9, 2010; New York Rangers 85th Anniversary Jersey shot in studio.During the 2010-11 season, the Rangers celebrated their 85th Anniversary with some alternate logos, the Heritage Jersey, and a shoulder patch.

This coming season will be the Rangers 90th season and rumors have popped up suggesting that the team will use a similar logo to the 85th Anniversary logo t0 celebrate their 90th season.

Versions of a potential 90th Anniversary patch have shown up on eBay.

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