Buzz: Chris Kreider arbitration hearing is going on (Update: they came to terms)

Chris KreiderUPDATE: 9:25AM: The Rangers have come to terms on a two-year deal with Kreider.

9:19AM: Chris Kreider and the Rangers are said to be in the middle of their arbitration hearing in Toronto. The Rangers hearing with Chris Kreider is said to be proceeding as scheduled.  (Andrew Gross)

The hearing, per the CBA, was scheduled to start at 9AM.

It seemed yesterday that arbitration was the direction that Kreider and the Rangers were heading in.

 The Rangers have offered Kreider a two-year deal with a cap hit of $2.05 million while Kreider is looking for $2.8 million per year.

The Rangers are likely to use certain things, such as Kreider starting the year in the minors and not playing in tight game situations, as part of their case to get the number to be lower.

This is the Rangers first arbitration hearing since Nikolai Zherdev in 2009.

The arbitrator will have his decision within 48 hours.

Recap: Dominic Moore on TSN Radio Yesterday

Dominic MooreDominic Moore was a guest on TSN Radio at 3:15PM yesterday:

  • Getting ready, “been working on the forehand and getting the spin going. It’s just a big party.”
  • What is the vibe, “the chriping is half the battle. You gotta have some good trash talk. It’s a great time and a great event.”
  • On ping pong, “anybody can play and that is the theme of the event. It’s interactive and social. We are having a good time and people are enjoying it.”
  • How many people are in Toronto in the summer, “so many Ontario guys who grew up ehre and they are easier to come out. Guys fly in and either way I am grateful for htem to take time out of their summer. We are fortunate to have a huge lineup again this year.”

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Buzz: The kind of bridge deal that John Moore may be looking at (Update)

Steve Ott,  John Moore7/22/14 | 8:15PM: Moore’s contract is expected to pay him close to his qualifying offer of $850,500. (NY Post)

7/5/14 | 9:12PM: John Moore is an RFA but without arbitration writes so he is likely to sign a two-year bridge deal that Larry Brooks thinks won’t be for much more than his qualifying offer of $850,500. (NY Post)

Brooks speculates a two-year deal worth $1.1 million for the 23-year old defenseman. (NY Post)

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Read: The Rangers cap situation now that Mats Zuccarello has signed

RANGERS0With the Rangers coming to terms on a one-year deal with Mats Zuccarello for $3.5 million, the team has $8,807,500 in cap space. (Cap Geek)

The $8.8 million includes Chris Mueller ($600,000), Matt Hunwick ($600,000) Michael Kostka ($650,000), Jesper Fast ($805,000) but not JT Miller ($894,167).

The Rangers have 20 players on their roster, per Cap Geek and still need to sign Derick Brassard, Chris Kreider and John Moore.

Kreider’s arbitration hearing is tomorrow and Brassard is next Tuesday.

The Rangers can go 10% over the salary cap during the summer but Jeff Gorton didn’t think they would do that.

Mats Zuccarello

NEWS: Mats Zuccarello signs new contract with the Rangers (Update: With Zuccarello’s comments)

7PM: The Rangers have confirmed the signing.

6:19PM: Zuccarello says that one year was the best thing for both sides right now. He said that he is glad he isn’t going to arbitration. (Nettavisen)

5:52PM: The Rangers and Mats Zuccarello have avoided arbitration by coming to terms on a deal worth $3.5 million per season. (Darren Dreger)

The deal is for ONE-YEAR and the two sides will continue to work out a long-term extension. An extension can’t be signed until after January 1, 2015. (Larry Brooks)

If an extension is not agreed upon, Zuccarello will be a UFA on July 1 next summer.

  • Zuccarello had 19 goals and 40 assists to lead the Rangers with 59 points in the regular season. He averaged 17:08 per game
  • In the playoffs, Zuccarello had 5 goals and 8 assists in 17:40 per game.
  • In the regular season, Zuccarello’s Corsi was 53.8% (ES)
  • In the playoffs his Corsi was 49.9% (ES)

He was scheduled for an arbitration hearing on Friday.

Zuccarello was reportedly seeking a deal for around 3-4 years and at $4.5 million per season.

The Rangers and  Zuccarello came to terms on a deal the day before his arbitration hearing last year.

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Buzz: Rangers and Chris Kreider appear headed to arbitration (Updates)

Kreider4:34PM: Both sides have shown a willingness to compromise but both sides also have a number that they won’t move off from. (NY Post)

If the two sides do go through with the hearing, the arbitrator will have 48 hours to decide on the award.

The middle ground for the two sides, which is likely where the arbitrator will fall, is about $2.425 million per season. (NY Post)

4:22PM: No deal is expected to be done today between the Rangers and Kreider. (Ranger Rants)

3:36PM: There is no agreement in sight between the Rangers and Chris Kreider and they appear headed to an arbitration hearing tomorrow morning. (Larry Brooks)

Kreider is asking the arbitrator for $2.8 million per year and the Rangers countered with an offer of $2.05 million per year.

The Rangers are likely to use certain things, such as Kreider starting the year in the minors and not playing in tight game situations, as part of their case to get the number to be lower.

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Read: Benoit Pouliot on leaving New York and joining Edmonton (What Glen Sather told him)

Benoit PouliotBenoit Pouliot spoke today in Edmonton about his decision to leave the Rangers and join the Oilers. (Oilers)

Pouliot said, “It’s tough. I really enjoyed NY and had a great time. The team treated us well and everything but when it comes to free agency and not knowing what will happen, some teams have money and some don’t. Coming here is good and a challenge and fun, they are so young and fast and it’s gonna be a great fit.”

On speaking with Glen Sather after signing with the Oilers, “Glen actually called me and left me a message saying good luck and that I would enjoy it and it’s a great place to be and coming from Glen is big. He is a great man and the way he treated me this year was awesome.”

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Buzz: The starting point for a Marc Staal extension

Marc Staal7/19/14| 6:09PM: Larry Brooks says that the Rangers better get busy on a Marc Staal extension as the price is only going to go up. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the minimum starting numbers for Staal will likely be six-years and $5.5 million per season. Staal would get at least that as a free agent next summer unless he were to sustain another concussion this year. (NY Post)

He says that the Rangers will either need to pay Staal or start investigating what he might be able to get in a trade. (NY Post)

61.1% of readers want the Rangers to sign Staal long-term.

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News: The Rangers National TV Schedule

NBC and the NHL have released their schedule of games for the 2014-15 season:

  • 11/5: Red Wing 8PM NBCSN
  • 11/19: Flyers 8PM NBCSN
  • 11/18: @Flyers 1PM NBC
  • 1/7: @Anaheim 10:30PM NBCSN
  • 1/18: @Penguins 12:30PM NBC
  • 1/29: Montreal 7PM NBCSN
  • 2/4: Bruins 8PM NBCSN
  • 2/28: Flyers 8PM NBC
  • 3/4: @Red Wings 8PM NBCSN
  • 3/8: @Chicago 7:30PM NBCSN
  • 3/11: @Washington 8PM NBCSN
  • 3/18: Chicago 8PM NBCSN
  • 3/22: Anaheim 7:30PM NBCSN
  • 3/24: LA 7PM NCSN