Watch: Rangers/Wild highlights from yesterday (Ryan Haggerty, Kevin Hayes, Anthony Duclair goals)

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Read: Kevin Hayes knows that there are spots to be won (Updates)

Kevin Hayes19/17/14 | 11:45AM: Hayes says that he sees himself as a center and someone who likes to get the puck down low and then use his speed. He says that he wants to show the Rangers that he is a “big power forward” who can contribute. (ESPN Insider)

9/16/14 | 11:30AM: Kevin Hayes says that there are spots to be won with the Rangers in training camp and he is hoping to grab one of them. (THN)

Hayes says that he hopes he can continue playing like he did last year at BC and keep “using my body and being a power forward.” (THN)

On picking the Rangers, Hayes says that he thinks it will be the best fit for him short-term and long-term. (THN)

Hayes admitted that his former linemates at BC Johnny Gaudreau and Bill Arnold tried to recruit him to join the Flames but he didn’t think that was the right fit for him. (THN)

In describing Hayes’ play in Traverse City, Ryan Kennedy says that while he hasn’t “dominated the scoresheet” Hayes has looked good and solid in his own end. (THN)

Through three games in the tournament, Hayes has two assists, a minus three rating and 8 shots on goal.

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Recap: James Dolan talking Rangers on Boomer and Carton

James DolanJames Dolan was a guest on Boomer and Carton this morning and discussed the Rangers (WFAN):

  •  On how he would handle a Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson situation, “first off, those behaviors are completely unacceptable and we all know that. As an owner, what I think you would probably do, and I am not in the NFL so I don’t know, but I think you probably look to the league first to set the policy and deal with these things. The league is the right place for it, you can’t have 30 different policies out there, it isn’t a good idea when it’s your player and it’s the incident with your player and who you are paying millions of dollars to and who you are counting on to win, for you to be the arbiter of what happens. Even if you are on the side of god on this one, as an owner you are better off having the third party of the league come in and handle it.”

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Read: The Rangers will wear jerseys with computer chips this season to track movement

The Rangers are one of several teams in the NHL this season who will use jerseys that have a computer chip built into them. (TSN)

These chips will help the Rangers track a players speed and movement on the ice to help provide advanced stats and analytics. (TSN)

The players also have an app on their iPad’s where they can watch all of their shifts and the expectation is for them to watch their shifts after a game and be ready for the next day at practice.

The NHL has been hoping to add the chips to the jerseys of every player by 2015-16, likely in the shoulder, and NHL COO John Collins says that the information gathered could lead to a deeper understanding of the game for teams, broadcasters and fans. (La Presse)

The NHL has again decided against advertisements on jerseys which they expect could net $4 million per team and $120 million overall. (TSN)

Read: Ryan Malone has spoken with Alain Vigneault

Ryan MaloneRyan Malone has spoken with Alain Vigneault and told the Rangers coach that he is willing to play any role that the coach has for him. (Rangers)

On a potential role, Malone says that he can be placed in different areas on the ice, can play “with the big boys” as well as on a checking line. He says that he is comfortable on all four lines and is happy just at the chance to get on the ice. (Rangers)

Malone says that it will be a lot of work to make the Rangers because of their depth but all he can do is work hard and try to play well during the exhibition games. (Rangers)

He says that he has plenty of motivation but mostly just wants to be part of a “great hockey team.” (Rangers)

Ryan McDonagh said that he thinks Malone can help the team. 

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Marc Staal

Buzz: What Marc Staal is reportedly seeking

7:48PM: Marc Staal is reportedly seeking a 6 or 7 year deal worth $6 million, or a bit more, per season. (NY Post)

The Rangers are believed to be offering the same deal they gave Dan Girardi, 6 years at $5.5 million, or a bit less. (NY Post)

Staal’s agent says that there has been progress made but Larry Brooks says that there is still a big gap between the two sides.(NY Post)

His agent says that the talks have have a good “tenor” to them, they will keep working on it and there is no deadline to get a deal done. He adds that everything has been positive to this point. (NY Post)

Staal would be the best UFA defenseman in years and would easily get his asking price on July 1 but his preference is to remain with the Rangers. (NY Post)

To stay with the Rangers Staal may have to leave money on the table and would likely require a no-move/no-trade clause. (NY Post)

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Final: Wild 6 Rangers 3

8:59PM: Game notes from the Rangers are below:

6:15PM: Stats from the game are

  • Ryan Haggerty: 1 goal, 1 assist 4 shots
  • Kevin Hayes: 1 goal, 3 shots
  • Anthony Duclair: 1 goal, 2 shots
  • Mat Bodie: 2 assists

6:04PM NYR lose 6-3 and finish the tournament 1-1-2

5:43PM: Wild up 6-3 with 5:50 to go. (NYR)

5:39PM: Minnesota scores to make it 5-3 with 7:52 left in the third.(Pointstreak)

5:38PM: Shots are 12-4 NYR in the third. There is 8:58 left in the third. (Pointstreak)

5:35PM: Anthony Duclair “with a snipe” to make it 4-3. Bodie and Haggerty pick up assists on the PPG. (NYR) There is 10:52 remaining in the game. (NYR)

5:30PM: Shots are 6-1 NYR in the third period. (Pointstreak)

5:29PM: Minnesota leads 4-2. Ryan Haggerty scored his third goal of the tournament, on the PP. Petr Zamorsky and Mat Bodie picked up assists. (Pointstreak)

5:21PM: The Rangers have the first four shots of the third period but are now on the PK. (Pointstreak)

5:15PM: The third period has started. (NYR)

4:59PM: After two periods, Minnesota is up 3-1 and leads in shots 18-14. (Pointstreak)

4:54PM: Minnesota goes up 3-1 with 2 minutes left in the period. (Pointstreak)

4:42PM: Shots are 16-13 for Minnesota. (Pointstreak)

4:31PM: Shots are 14-10 Minnesota, six minutes into the second period. (Pointstreak)

4:09PM: After one, it’s 2-1 Wild. (Pointstreak)

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