Read: The Rangers need to move JT Miller to wing permanently

JT Miller 1If JT Miller is to have a career with the Rangers it will be as a winger and not a center since the Rangers have four NHL centers and Chris Mueller and Oscar Lindberg in Hartford. (Larry Brooks, NY Post)

The Rangers are in need of a winger with size, speed and grit, all of which Miller possesses. (Larry Brooks, NY Post)

As mostly a center in Hartford, Miller has six goals and eight assists in 16 games with a minus four rating and 39 shots on goal.

Alain Vigneault said in October that Miller was sent to Hartford to get more experience at center and that his likely future spot with the Rangers would be in the middle.

He added that Miller is already comfortable as a winger.

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Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack Lose 4-2 (Oscar Lindberg and JT Miller score)

The Wolf Pack lost to Hershey last night 4-2:

•    Mat Bodie: 1 assist, minus 3, 2 shots, hooking penalty
•    Dylan McIlrath: 2 shots, boarding penalty
•    Ryan Bourque: minus one, 2 shots
•    JT Miller: 1 goal, minus one, 2 shots
•    Marek Hrivik: 3 shots
•    Chris Bourque: minus two, 2 shots
•    Oscar Lindberg: 1 goal, 4 shots
•    Jesper Fast: 2 assists, minus one
•    Danny Kristo: minus one, 1 shot
•    Ryan Haggerty: 1 shot

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Stats: Wolf Pack win 4-3 on Sunday (JT Miller, Danny Kristo, Jesper Fast score)

The Wolf Pack beat the Worcester Sharks 4-3 on Sunday.

•    Mat Bodie: 2 assists, plus one, 1 shot
•    Ryan Bourque: 1 assist, 1 shot
•    JT Miller: 1 goal, 1 assist, plus one, 3 shots
•    Marek Hrivik: nothing on scoresheet
•    Chris Bourque: 1 goal, plus one, 3 shots
•    Oscar Lindberg: 2 assists, plus two, tripping penalty
•    Jesper Fast: 1 goal, plus two, 1 shot
•    Danny Kristo: 1 goal, plus one, 1 shot, hooking penalty
•    Ryan Haggerty: 1 shot

Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack lose 5-2 (JT Miller assists/Conor Allen goal)

The Wolf Pack lost 5-2 to the Albany Devils last night:

  • •    Mat Bodie: minus one, four shots
    •    Conor Allen: 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 shots
    •    Dylan McIlrath: minus one, elbowing
    •    Ryan Bourque: 1 goal, 4 shots
    •    JT Miller: 2 assists, plus one, 4 shots
    •    Marek Hrivik: minus two, 1 shot
    •    Chris Bourque: minus one, 4 shots
    •    Oscar Lindberg: minus two, 1 shot, hooking, tripping (2) penalties
    •    Jesper Fast:  minus two, 2 shots
    •    Danny Kristo: minus two, 1 shot, unsportsmanlike conduct
    •    Ryan Haggerty: 1 assist, plus 2

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Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack lose 7-3 (JT Miller goal, Jesper Fast assist, Danny Kristo fight)

The Wolf Pack lost to the Albany Devils 7-3 last night.

  • Mat Bodie: 1 assist, minus one
  • Conor Allen: minus two
  • Dylan McIlrath: minus one, holding and roughing penalties
  • Ryan Bourque: minus two, 1 shot, unsportsmanlike conduct
  • JT Miller: 1 goal, 6 shots
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 goal, minus one, 2 shots
  • Chris Bourque: 1 goal, plus one, 4 shots, tripping penalty
  • Oscar Lindberg: minus FOUR, 2 shots, roughing penalty
  • Jesper Fast: 2 assists, minus one, 5 shots, holding penalty
  • Danny Kristo: minus two, 1 shot, fight
  • Ryan Haggerty: minus three, 3 shots

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Rangers Blue Line Podcast: Kevin Hayes, JT Miller, Islanders, Devils discussion’s Brian Compton and Adam Rotter of recap the Blueshirts’ impressive win over the Sharks, preview Tuesday night’s game vs. New Jersey, and discuss why Rick Nash is playing so well and JT Miller is not.

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Impressive win over the Sharks
–       Nash playing well
–       Kevin Hayes opening some eyes
–       JT Miller continues to struggle’s Dan Rosen interview (8:00)

Rangers-Devils preview cont’d

Rangers go to Montreal later in the week

One thing that has caught my eye…

Stats: Wolf Pack win 2-1 (JT Miller and Ryan Haggerty scored)

The Wolf Pack defeated Portland 2-1 last night:

  • Mat Bodie: 1 shot
  • Conor Allen: 1 shot
  • Dylan McIlrath: 3 shots, fight, unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Ryan Bourque: nothing on scoresheet
  • JT Miller: 1 goal, 2 shots
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Chris Bourque: 3 shots, interference and roughing penalty
  • Oscar Lindberg: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Jesper Fast: 1 shot
  • Danny Kristo: 2 shots
  • Ryan Haggerty: 1 goal, 2 shots

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